TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#27)

With so much new music coming out every day, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Korn – Forgotten [Single]

The American metal band dropped the single ‘Forgotten’ earlier this month, making it the second single from their upcoming album Requiem which is slated for release on February 4th, 2022. Korn is still one of those artists who’ve evolved their breed of nu metal, while still retaining a sound that’s unique to them, and ‘Forgotten’ is an example of that. The song brings punchy guitar riffs backed by heavy drums, and Jonathan Davis’ signature vocal and lyrical themes. Requiem is a follow-up to Korn’s 2019 album The Nothing, and we can’t wait for this one. Watch out for tour dates from Korn who will be supported by Chevelle and Code Orange. 

100RBH – Zanjeer (Prod. By Karan Kanchan) [Single]

If there’s any Indian rapper who can show you powerful vocal delivery while commenting on our socio-political issues through his clever lyricism, it’s 100RBH aka Saurabh Abhyankar. The Amravati rapper is now the newest member of Indian hip hop label Gully Gang, and he has teamed up with multi-genre producer Karan Kanchan for this banger. 100RBH touches upon hypocrisy in our daily lives, and the struggle faced through communal, racial, gender and caste differences across the country. He also talks about seeding deliberate religious hatred among people. Karan Kanchan adds some more heavy drums and guitars into this production, like with his previous hits like ‘Raakh’ and ‘Dum Pischaach’.

Joe Satriani – Sahara [Single] 

Guitar icon Joe Satriani is set to release his 19th studio album called The Elephants of Mars this April, leading with this single ‘Sahara’. The 65-year-old guitar player released his album Shapeshifting last year. ‘Sahara’ is a fuse of tasty note selection, guitar melodies, and some folk instruments like Cümbü? and Oud, supporting Satch’s vision of mixing interesting creative elements into an instrumental guitar album.  The song yells catchy riffs and lilting guitar parts to remember!

Bloodywood – Aaj [Single]

Indian metal band Bloodywood return with yet another heavy and hard-hitting single from their upcoming album Rakshak, scheduled for release this February. Creeping in with a melodious flute part, the song blasts into a heavy groove, with pacing riffs, and pounding drum parts. Raoul’s raps teamed with Jayant Bhadula’s growl and clean parts elevate the song completely, sending out a motivational message about sparking the fire within you, and rising from the ashes. This powerful track can give you goosebumps every time you listen to it, and features a tiny vocal feature by Archy Jay, the Indian bagpipe queen. 

Scorpions – Rock Believer [Single]

If you ask anyone about Scorpions, maybe your parents will tell you how they’ve always been one of the biggest rock bands since 1965! Nearing their 50-year anniversary, the band never stopped touring and putting out albums albeit some lineup changes. ‘Rock Believer’ is a nostalgic-sounding tune, with a video that encapsulates the band’s journey growing up was musicians, forming a band, touring the world and packing arenas, all while staying true to rock and roll! The catchy chorus ‘Scream for me screamer, I’m a rock believer like you!’ make the song relatable to musicians and fans of rock music alike! 

Heidenreich – Hitarren Im Darkroom [Single]

Our next pick is the twisted journey of East Berlin artist Heindenreich’s new EP ‘Gitarren im Darkroom’. The EP is the perfect mix of phantasmagoric music, full of dirty guitars, and psychotic synth melodies. We’ve selected the EP’s title track of the same name, loaded with metallic percussion and syncopated rhythms, characterized by mysterious atmospheres, rolling bass lines and beefy beats.

Enei – The Greatest Trick [Single]

When Enei sits in front of his studio monitors, he has only one thought in his mind and that’s how to make listeners chew on their own faces! Fresh off his mini-album release with his dear friend and Critical Music head honcho Kasra, the Russian Drum & Bass don has returned to the label for a gritty Drum & Bass weapon that can shatter the dancefloor to pieces. 

Black Tiger Sex Machine x Kai Wachi – Prayers ft. Wasiu [SINGLE]

Dubstep and Canada share a strong relationship and Quebec based Black Tiger Sex Machine are the perfect example with the tons of Dubstep talent that is loaded in the North American country. After a handful of releases in 2021, the menacing trio are back in full force for a crunching Dubstep tune that exhibits their love for metallic, dark and sinister Dubstep music. 

Fred Again.. – Dermot (See Yourself In My Eyes) [SINGLE]

After delivering one of the best albums of 2021, Fred again.. is back with some more delicious music. Having worked with the likes of Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Burna Boy, Headie One, Halsey, Octavian, The xx, Underworld, Brian Eno and Stefflon Don, Fred again..’s ascendency to the top is happening at a frightening speed, but somehow he chooses to still remain underground. But as always, music is the language it has spoken profoundly once again on his latest single, ‘Dermont’.

LMajor – Energy [SINGLE]

Club Glow which a high profile collective of producers like Borai, Denham Audio, LMajor and Mani Festo is back with its third release from their very own breaksmith LMajor. Bringing elements from the peak UK Rave era, ‘Energy’ is a culmination of expertly crafted breaks and it is yet another Hardcore-rave banger, that only a few others than LMajor can manage to create. 


Watch this space for more music releases and recommendations every week!


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