TF Daily Drop: Indradhanush by Krantinaari Ft. Max I Million, J Vibes & Shilpa Gulhane

Today’s pick is Indradhanush by Krantinaari Ft. Max I Million, J Vibes & Shilpa Gulhane. Listen now!

Krantinaari, representing women all over the world, is taking us on the right track. She uses music and art to communicate her experiences as a woman in society. As a believer in sustainable living, she brings us “INDRADHANUSH”.

A collaboration between Mumbai-based rapper Ashwini Hiremath aka Krantinaari, Scandinavian artists Max I Million and J.Vibes, along with Shilpa Gulhane yields “INDRADHANUSH”. A track based on the quote by J Krishnamurti: “The very essence of human intelligence is to observe without judgement.” By depicting the whole relationship between nature and the subconscious, Indradhanush attempts to create a mental image in the mind of the listener. The ultimate goal of the track is to induce peace into the listener.

Krantinaari was profoundly influenced by the quote when she composed this song. It begins with a reimagination of a dream sequence, in which a mother is telling a child a story about the world outside a window. In her speech, the mother mentions many facts about the world, including carbon emissions, the effects humans have on nature, and how we are becoming more selfish, which is cropping up the roots of humanity. As the track progresses, the child enters a natural experiment observatory and dives into the realm.

Technically, the production gets five stars for capturing the essence of both the theme and the verse. Due to the evocative use of Indian instruments and the tension/release approach, the listener is transported into the realm of the artist. It is the chorus of Shilpa Gulhane that binds everything together. The video, shot in Uttarakhand, illustrates perfectly the theme of the track by displaying vivid images of nature calm at peace.

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