Noisia Releases A Remix Album Of Their Best Tracks

In drum & bass music, there is a significant difference between being ambitious and being conclusive. More often than not, being ambitious isn’t matched by being conclusive, but Noisia have done both and done it consistently.

To put it simply, Noisia has inspired not one but two generations of producers, and it’s not just within drum & bass. The Groningen-based trio, from their high tech studio complex in the northern Dutch city, have defied the laws of making bass music with conviction and precision.

Since their debut on Blindside Recordings in 2003, Nik Roos, Martijn Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger have cultivated a sound that’s their own, and it will remain to be their own; a sound that is obsessed with cutting-edge production techniques; a sound that’s instantly recognizable whether you are listening to their music by yourself, in a club or at a festival.

Consistently pushing the envelope in the genres that they are plying their trade in, which by the way are way too many, Noisia has built an empire that blends incredible sound design with unrelenting and uncompromising bass-lines. After two decades of inspiring budding and seasoned producers alike, which included 3 genre-defining albums, numerous singles and EPs on their Vision and Division Records, along with some of the biggest imprints in the world, Noisia decided to part ways in 2019 to pursue their individual careers.

The announcement sent shockwaves across the bass music landscape and to this date, their fans (including us) are still struggling to come to terms with it. After taking a few days for the scene to grasp the news, Noisia announced their farewell run which was scheduled to run throughout 2020 before going their own ways.

The last leg of Noisia’s genius included a farewell tour and a bunch of great music which they had planned to release, but unfortunately, all their plans took a tumble due to the pandemic.

As the world slowly started settling down after two years of chaos, Noisia released ‘Resonance I’; a remix album that brought some of the finest talents in the bass music spectrum to rework their magic on some of the trio’s biggest tunes. The compilation included remixes from the likes of IMANU, Posij, Levela and many more.

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Just when we thought the compilation couldn’t be upped, Noisia has released part deux of ‘Resonance’ and this time, it’s even bigger. The remix album comes awfully close to their farewell date but it gives a bunch of great remixes to listen to while we wipe our tears.

“Over the years, not many Noisia tracks have been remixed. But now, with Noisia’s ending nearby, we want to give our 20-year catalogue to as many producers as possible. Allowing the music to echo one more time and to hear the resonance of our work. Hence the name.”said Nik, Thijs, Martijn

Starting with Skeptical’s rolling of ‘Diplodocus’ to Mat Zo’s break-sy remix of ‘The Cleansing’, we then move on to Former’s remix of ‘The Tide’ which launches itself from the first phrase with its face-melting sonics. Next up is the funk-fueled roller of ‘Sinkhole’ by Matrix.

We thought it would be incredibly difficult to go anywhere near the trio’s 2019 tune ‘The Hole Pt.1’ but Phace has given the respect the tune the respect it deserves with a mind-numbing remix that carries his signature production traits.

Audio makes an appearance with the remix of ‘Sunhammer’ featuring his sharp drums before Synergy, Holly and Nickbee end the compilation with three delicious renditions of ‘Pleasure Model’, ‘Motion Blur’ and I Am Legion’s ‘Choosing For You’



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