TF Daily Feed: Colombia Legalizes Abortion in a Historic Ruling

In a landmark ruling, South American nation Colombia has decriminalized abortion within the first twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. Supporters wore green to symbolize the abortion rights campaign as they celebrated the victory. This ruling follows pro-abortion-related verdicts in Mexico and Argentina in 2021.

Since 2006, abortion was only legal in certain circumstances prior to the passage of this law. It was permitted in the event of rape if it endangered the mother’s health or if the fetus was sick. The latest verdict was supported by five of the nine judges in the constitutional court. According to this newly issued ruling, criminal punishments for abortion are concluded unconstitutional. Women seeking abortions up to the twenty-fourth week of their pregnancy will not face criminal charges, which is a huge step for a traditionally Catholic country.


Activists and women across the country have praised and celebrated this decision in the capital Bogota. ‘Mesa por la Vida y la Salud de las Mujeres,’ a Colombian organization that campaigns for women’s sexual and reproductive rights, applauded this step and acknowledged many individuals whose efforts have now paid off. “Thanks to them today, Colombia is a free country for women, adolescents, and girls,” they wrote on Instagram. 

In a tweet, Mayor of Bogota Claudia López Hernández expressed, “What a thrill to have lived to finally see this achievement for women in Colombia! After the right to vote, this is the most important historical achievement for the life, autonomy, and full and equal fulfillment of women. Thank you, women.”

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Feature Image Via Al Jazeera.

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