Bass Music Community Joins Forces To Help Ukraine

After going through two years of chaos, we all reflected on what went by and almost caught a breather. However, just as the world was nearing normalcy, we began to witnessing a full-blown conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian troops ordered by their President, Vladimir Putin, have captured major Ukrainian cities, and with the ceaseless shelling of civilian areas, it has claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Ukrainians. The country finds itself in the middle of a serious humanitarian crisis.

While some have been able to flee the country or move to the outskirts, a wide majority of Ukrainian people have been forced to live in bomb shelters or underground metro stations to keep themselves away from the shelling. Hospitals are overwhelmed with cases and there is a crippling shortage of basic necessities like food, drinking water, and medicines.

The need of the hour is urgent aid that needs to be sent Ukraine’s way. The world has come forward to help Ukrainians, and so has the music community. Similar to as they did for Palestine, Afghanistan and many other causes, the Bass music fraternity has put together one of the biggest charity albums to raise money for Ukraine, with all the proceeds going to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Led by Vlad Yaremchuk who is the brainchild of the Atlas Festival that was held in Ukraine last year, and Rhys Bainham, a UK promoter who spent time in the region for the last 12 months, they have been successful in assembling a V/A album that has been put together in the fastest time-frame imaginable.

‘Together For Ukraine’ is a Various Artists compilation that features over 120 artists and 136 tracks featuring some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass and Dubstep like Noisia, Calibre, Kasra, IMANU, Bukez Finezt, Modestep to name a few. The international talent has been accompanied by Ukrainian producers like Limewax, Dubhead and Warm Roller.

Along with its music, the compilation also features over 30 pieces of bespoke visual art, with art direction by Uno.

Image Credits: UKF

“From me and the team here at Together with Ukraine – thanks to everyone who has already purchased the project and helped spread it far and wide. The response so far has been absolutely overwhelming. I’d like everyone who supported us and enjoyed the compilation to think about how they can help Ukraine in this challenging time. Every act of support matters and counts.

Please consider donating more, going to demonstrations in your cities, using your social networks as means to spread the truth about the current events in Ukraine, urge your MPs and governments to impose harsher sanctions and provide more help. Every day brings hundreds of civilian casualties, this has to stop now and we ask everyone to do their part. Thank you” said Vlad Yaremchuk.

The compilation, with just under 24 hours since its release, has put together over 35,000 GBP, and has secured the top spot on Bandcamp, now ready to make its first donation.

‘Together For Ukraine’ is yet another example of the Bass music community joining forces when people need it the most.

Buy the ‘Together For Ukraine’ compilation – HERE 

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