Nur Jaber Joins Forces With Luca Eck For An EP

The groundbreaking Berlin-based producer, who is known for her energetic & emotional techno music, has teamed up with Luca Eck for a 3-track EP.

Between the euphonic and fulminating side of techno music, there comes a side which brings the harmonies and menacing noises together – a style of production Nur Jaber has had a powerful command on ever since her debut. Growing up playing the drums and bass guitar in Beirut before moving to Berlin in 2010, Nur Jaber immersed herself in the magical world of the German city’s house and techno music.

Heavily inspired by the scene, Nur Jaber spent significant time honing her craft, and dropped her first release in 2017. Soon after releasing music on a variety of labels, Nur Jaber started her own label called ‘OSF,’ where she released her debut album, while pushing her unique style of multi-layered techno and house. Now an important cog of Europe’s cutting-edge techno fraternity, Nur Jaber has firmly established her name thanks to her emotional and energetic productions, along with journey-like DJ sets that hold no genre limitations.

After releasing an EP on her label this summer, the forward-thinking producer has returned on the imprint for a gripping 3-track EP featuring rising producer Luca Eck. Both formally based in Berlin, Luca’s first appearance on Nur Jaber’s OSF came in 2021 through his contribution to the ‘Planet OSF’ compilation. Since then, the techno talents have forged a relationship both in and out of the studio, which has now resulted in this collaborative earth-shattering EP.

The ‘Fall To Pieces’ EP is an extension of Nur Jaber deep and emotional techno sound, with a heavy touch. The EP begins with title track ‘Fall to Pieces,’ which is an explosive rework of KUMMER’s pop sensation ‘Bei Dir,’ featuring Nur’s yearning vocals and misting pads that float under the ascending narrative, while featuring Luca Eck’s razor-sharp style.

Second track, ‘Fatima’s Prayer,’ is a contrast from the opener, featuring Nur Jaber’s and Luca Eck’s penchant for dark, ethereal elements that reverberate throughout the tune with its growling synths, sharp percussive swipes. Nur and Luca close the EP immaculately with ‘Violence,’ which quite literally brings the best of the pair’s blend of celestial and pounding sounds that climb frantically until the breakdown, before exploding once again into a galloping techno journey.

Grab your copy of the ‘Fall To Pieces’ EP – HERE

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