Alix Perez, The Upbeats, and More to Perform at Lost Art in Whanganui

Lost Art Event Management, a New Zealand-based event management and planning company, assembles its one-of-a-kind ‘Lost Art Summer in the Square’ series with three mini-festivals. Sprawled across multiple dates, their upcoming festivals will take place in Majestic Square in Whanganui, New Zealand. ‘Lost Art,’ which is day one of the three mini festivals, will take place on Saturday, October 22, during the forthcoming Labor Day weekend. Tickets for the event are powered by Ticket Fairy.

The Lost Art event management company is a well-established enterprise that specializes in the curation of food and beverage, music festivals, and other events. The upcoming Lost Art mini-festival will stem from one of Whanganui’s premier parks – Majestic Square, located on Victoria Ave and will boast two performance stages. This site is known to host a number of community events due to its prime central location in the heart of Whanganui’s central business district.

Lost Art was announced on June 26, 2022, with the artist lineup announcement and ticket sales going live the next day. Slated to headline the evening is drum and bass DJ and music producer Alix Perez.

The mini festival will also see performances from the likes of Wellington-based drum and bass duo Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones aka The Upbeats with musician MC Tiki Taane, DJ Chiccoreli & MC Tali, and veteran of the DnB underground jungle scene Dylan C.

Rounding out the lineup are Sanoi, HeyLady, Jake Rattler, Ludus, Cooper Khan, Coco, DJ Mia Kober, and Drifty, who will be the opening act on the Lost Stage from 6 PM onwards. Mia Kober, Jake Rattler, Cooper, Ludus, Hey Lady, and Sanoi will perform on the lost stage. Coco, Dylan C, Chiccoreli & MC Tali, Alix Perez, The Upbeats, and musician MC Tiki will perform on the main stage.

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Talking about their upcoming performance at Lost Art in an Instagram post, HeyLady said: “Do you have plans over Labour Weekend? Me and a bunch of epically talented friends are all descending on Majestic Square in Whanganui to play music and dance. Tickets are still available to @lostartevents epic event, check out the Saturday night lineup! Tickets can be nabbed on @ticketfairynz, you should grab one and come dance with us ?.”

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We also got an opportunity to have a word with two of the performers – deep house and techno DJ Jake Rattler and electronic dance music producer and DJ Jonas Fischer, best known as SANOI.

In anticipation of his performance, Sanoi told us, “I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing acts and to share my point of view with the people of Whanganui and meet all the amazing locals. The people there are so warm and welcoming! Always a great pleasure to come and play or just hang out.

Meanwhile, Jake Rattler, who will be taking to the stage in New Zealand after a brief interval, said, “I’m really excited to get back to Whanganui! The atmosphere of Lost Arts’ dancefloors is diverse, colorful, and super fun! This will also be my first festival set since I’ve been away in the USA for 4 months, so I’m really excited to get back to a Kiwi crowd. I’m really pumped for it and I’m gonna have a blast.”

The duo has previously collaborated on multiple occasions, having released an EP together called ‘The Flubbenator’ in April 2022, which was produced during the lockdown.

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