Justin Hawkes Drops A Sensational Debut Album

American drum & bass virtuoso Justin Hawkes dropped his debut album which, in our opinion, is the best DnB long release of the year.

We are a little late to the party, but better late than never, right? Justin Hawkes has delivered the drum & bass album of the year, and we simply can’t get enough of it. Emotional, powerful, and forward-thinking, with an eye on the dancefloor, Justin Hawkes has taken the art of making bass music to its greatest transcendental level.

Previously releasing music as Flite, Justin Hellier championed the atmospheric and subtle end of drum & bass before mastering the soft-toned character of his music into sheer euphoric and experiential brilliance. ‘Lift Off The Roof’ in 2020 was the tune that kicked off the journey started for the American producer; with just his first release, we were given a glimpse of what the new alias was going to be all about.

After releasing singles for the better part of two years, Justin Hawkes began teasing music referencing his debut album. Nearly half a year after teasing us with material from his debut album, Hawkes has finally landed a 15-track showpiece that can easily be labelled as the album of the year.

The album begins with the title track, ‘Existential,’ a cinematic masterpiece that takes a journey from the intro before seeping to hazy atmospherics, and then collapsing into an intense rolling number. Next up is ‘Better Than Gold’ where Hawkes gives us a dose of the folks he grew up with, but with a dancefloor twist. The essence of the album is Hawkes’ ability to enchant us with his dreamy and melodic creative mind; something he has done to perfection on ‘Black Boc.’

‘Inheritance’ takes the album’s soaring intensity to the next level with a charging and steppy drum & bass banger. ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Passion’ are the ideal examples of Justin Hawkes’ concept of the album weaving through his thoughts and philosophies. ‘Neverafter’ features a bright and moving intro before collapsing into a melodic wall of sound. The balance of energy for the listener on ‘Existential’ is done with supreme perfection, and tracks like ‘Cadence’ and ‘Dreambend’ embody this thought.

Next up is ‘Hymn’ which sees Justin Hawkes team up with fellow American drum & bass producer Audioscribe. The feature of the tune is its cinematics, capturing the heart of every drum & bass head on the dancefloor. ‘Hymn’ also acts as the perfect prelude for the destruction Hawkes brings next on ‘Arbitrer’ featuring PAV4N. The album begins its departure with the deep and intense ‘Lotus Children,’ followed by ‘Heliocycle,’ which exhibits a heavy dose of the organic and moving sound Hawkes has been pushing forward in the album.

‘Tragedy, Humanity’ takes Justin’s love for delicate elements into spaced-out realms before closing a phenomenal album with ‘The End Of An Empire,’ which he describes as “delving into my journey through crisis, the weight and forgotten wisdom of the past, and even the sometimes comedic power of being an outlier.” This is a statement album from Justin Hawkes, exemplifying another exciting moment in time for both Justin and international drum & bass.

Grab the album HERE

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