TFword Review: Sola’s 14-Track Masterpiece

We will break down drum & bass trio Sola’s debut album ‘Stars Align,’ which was released last week on their label Grand Theft Audio Recordings.

Drum & Bass music is all about the journey. Together with its fast-paced schematics, when a listener is taken on an expedition, is when the artist knows they have made a mark; a craft drum & bass trio, Sola, has steadily mastered. Comprising of Nothing To Lose & Echidna from Manchester, UK, and Hanm from Brisbane, Australia, the trio started its collective journey in 2018 and since the, Sola has successfully dished out various styles of drum & bass while maintaining its rhythmic exclusivity.

Sola’s turbo-charged brand of music has traveled to labels like Program, Korsakov, Formation, Nuusic, Druid, and their own label, Grand Theft Audio Recordings.

2022 has already been a massive year for Sola, and after consistently releasing music on labels across the board, Sola has done a one-up and released their debut album ‘Stars Align’ on their label Grand Theft Audio Recordings. The 14-track album is a melting pot of the trio’s love for assembling influences from dancefloor, neurofunk, liquid, and jungle music into one place, and we will break down the album, which we believe is one of the best DnB long releases of the year.

There is a great mix of solo releases and collaborations on the album, and Sola waste no time in letting us know how they intend to progress, with the album’s journey with a melodic title track aimed straight at the dancefloor. ‘Blowback’ is where Sola bring their penchant for neurofunk to the table, which is complemented by a tantalizing breakdown. Soulful and aggressive in equal measure, watch ‘Pico De Gallo’ take over DJ sets soon.

‘Cruise Control’ brings the listener back into the melodic and dancefloor-filled trenches before taking the album on a sinister turn once again on ‘True Grit’. Next up is the glitchy ‘Turncloak’ which is a testament to the sheer size of styles Sola has in their arsenal. ‘The Drift Part I’ is the perfect tune to calm our nerves before uprooting us from our seats again with ‘Amazonia.’

The beauty of the album is the moments Sola offers to enjoy on the delicate and the heavier side of drum & bass, and as they begin the departure of the album’s kaleidoscopic voyages, Sammie Hall’s vocals captivate us on top of Sola’s breaks driver offering called ‘Overdrive’. ‘Maintain Thine Hue’ features different layers of melodies that carry the track forward, providing you with the perfect workout drum & bass banger.

‘Spotlight’ brings the album to a close, with a dreamy essence that sticks throughout the tune and takes the listener into a deep, utopian state. ‘FutuRetro’s deep and emotive textures further exemplifies the trio’s supremacy in delivering high-octane beats. Sola then team up with Perplex on ‘Tesla Coils, and when these two come together, it is a guaranteed bass assault; finally, sending us off with a rolling and passionate number called ‘The Drift Part II.’ As we said, this is one of the albums of the year!

We also have an exclusive chat with the duo that will bring to you next week, but until then, listen to the album and grab your copy of this masterpiece – HERE

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