Faithless Front Man Maxi Jazz Has Passed Away at Age 65

DJ, singer and lead vocalist for British dance music band, Faithless, has died at the age of 65 on December 23, 2022.

The music community suffered an irreplaceable loss on Christmas eve when Sister Bliss from the celebrated British dance music band, Faithless, announced the passing of its lead singer, Maxi Jazz. Known for his profound voice and powerful lyricism, Maxi Jazz, along with his crew Rollo, Sister Bliss, and Cotto, produced hits like ‘Insomnia,’ ‘We Come 1,’ ‘God Is A DJ,’ and many more, which kickstarted a new era in dance music back in 1996.

A statement from the band said, “He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He gave proper meaning and a message to our music. He was also a lovely human being with time for everyone and a wisdom that was both profound and accessible. It was an honour and, of course, a true pleasure to work with him. He was a brilliant lyricist, DJ, Buddhist, a magnificent stage presence, car lover, endless talker, beautiful person, moral compass and genius.”

Born in the Brixton area of the capital of the UK, Maxi Jazz was a London man through and through. It is the city where he began his career by performing solo poetry gigs, before coming together with Sister Bliss and Rollo to form Faithless in 1995. After finding continental success with ‘Salva Mea,’ Faithless went on to deliver several hits, each shaping dance music in their own right.

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s finest musical exports, Faithless was one of the most successful acts of the 1990s and 2000s, delivering eight top 10 singles during this time. Maxi Jazz’s demise has drawn tributes from some of the biggest names in music, such as UB40, Pete Tong, and Armin Van Buuren, to name a few. Maxi Jazz was also a huge fan of London-based Premier League football club, Crystal Palace, that have promised a walk out on the pitch to Faithless on Boxing Day in tribute of the legendary musician.

Pete Tong rightly said, “In a hundred years time if someone asks what all the fuss was about in 1996, just play them Insomnia, job done.” This was the degree of influence Maxi Jazz had on dance music, and will continue to have, for generations to come.

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