Shall Not Fade Celebrates 7 Years With an Album

Celebrating ‘7 Years of Shall Not Fade,’ the 29-track various artists album features some of the most respected names in house and techno music.

Pioneering the experimental strains of house, techno and breaks music, Shall Not Fade is a multi-genre record label based in the city of Bristol. Founded by Kieren Williams in 2015, Shall Not Fade began its journey with a four-tracker from Mall Grab featuring the Australian producer’s own take on lo-fi house music.

Since then, Shall Not Fade has catered to the UK Underground, having released some of the most genre-defining house, techno, UK garage, and breaks music. While the label’s ever-growing catalog keeps expanding at a lightning pace, Shall Not Fade also boasts a daunting roster that only a few imprints possess in their arsenal.

Featuring impeccable old stalwarts and prodigies alike, Shall Not Fade’s artist roster includes names like Laurence Guy, Felipe Gordon, Subjoi, Ejeca, Baltra, Lxury, Interplanetary Criminal, Bakey, Prozak and many, many others. While Shall Not Fade continues its pioneering operations, it also takes pride in its sub labels like Time Is Now, Lost Palms, and Basement Tracks – three labels that have made over 150 releases in the last couple of years.

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After an incredibly successful 2021 and 2022, which saw the label open its independent record shop, Shall Not Fade has put together a colossal 29-track various artists album to celebrate seven years in the game. Named ‘7 Years of Shall Not Fade,’ the album features some house and techno titans along with some budding talents that Shall Not Fade and its sub labels have been pushing over the years.

The ‘7 Years of Shall Not Fade’ album begins with techno giant Alan Fitzpatrick teaming up with Reset Robot for a proper techno slammer. Laurence Guy brings his moody sounds with Miller Blue on ‘My Heart Still Leans On You,’ with Lis Sarroca, Marc Brauner and Tender Games, and Borai also making appearances on the album.

Shall Not Fade’s sub label crew Time Is Now bring their signature sounds with the likes of Borai and Coldpast & Tufftrax, before SNF, Ams, Kassian and Kaysoul, Module One & Soela and Alex Virgo & Benjamin Groove close the legendary release on a high. It’s an album that definitely goes down as one for the electronic music history books.

Grab your copy of the album – HERE

Listen to ‘7 Years of Shall Not Fade’ here:

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