Catch DUAL’s EP Release Party in Auckland on April 29

Alternate rock and psych dance duo DUAL celebrate the release of their second EP ‘So Alive’ with a headlining performance on April 29, 2023. Commencing from 8 PM onwards, the gig is slated to be held at BIG FAN in Auckland, with tickets powered by The Ticket Fairy.

Comprised of vocalist Maurice Miller and guitarist Jamie Pyne, DUAL dropped ‘So Alive,’ a nearly twenty-minute EP possessing six tracks on March 31, 2023. ‘Staring At The Wall,’ ‘Gummy Bear,’ ‘Lights Out,’ and ‘So Alive‘ are the singles from ‘So Alive,’ all of which are amongst the most popular tracks from the EP. Formed in 2017, DUAL’s latest release stays true to the band’s heavy bass grooves, disco drums, guitar riffs, and groovy electronic tunes.

DUAL announced the release of this second EP via Instagram, saying, “Can’t believe it’s finally out – so excited to share these collections of songs with you all. Special thanks to everyone who helped along the way to bring these songs to life ? Jamie & Maurice.” This post generated a wave of praise for their latest works.

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So Alive,’ the EP’s first single, has racked up almost 10,000 views on Youtube. During its release, the pair expressed, “This one’s about pausing for a second, smelling the roses and not taking life to seriously… coz at the end of the day nobody makes it out alive…”

The T?maki Makaurau-based duo will dish out their alternative rock and dance music live at BIG FAN, a music community, recording studios, and live music venue in Auckland, New Zealand. This venue is a not-for-profit, multi-purpose music space.

For tickets to DUAL’s ‘So Alive’ EP Release Party, visit The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Find DUAL on: Instagram | Soundcloud | Apple Music | YouTube 

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