Celebrate the M?ori New Year at Matariki Winter Warm Up

Presented by NZ dance music radio station, George FM, Matariki Winter Warm Up brings some of the island country’s finest together to celebrate the M?ori New Year. Tickets to Matariki Winter Warm Up can be purchased via The Ticket Fairy!

Matariki, taking place on July 14 this year, is the M?ori name for the Pleiades star cluster, a group of seven stars and the celebration of the cluster’s first rising during the months of June or July, marking the beginning of the new year on the M?ori lunar calendar. This year, Matariki celebrations become a little more special with George FM’s Winter Warm Up party, which kicks off at 4 PM on July 14, 2023, running till late into the night.

A two-venue, two-stage affair packs a hefty line-up of some of NZ’s best live acts, from veteran DJs and producers to break-out vocalists. Divided between the Morningside Tavern and Glasshouse in Morningside, Auckland, attendees can expect a laidback afternoon that will turn things up to a top-notch party as the sun goes down.

About the Artists

Rounding the Matariki Winter Warm Up line-up are eleven stellar artists that all call New Zealand their home. There will also be a special karakia by NZ actor Tammy Davis, best known for his portrayal of Munter in the hit local comedy-drama series, ‘Outrageous Fortune.’

First on the roster is NZ-based DJ/production duo Nice ‘n’ Urlich (Bevan Keys and Peter Urlich), championing soulful house music both in and outside the region. Nice ‘n’ Urlich have been at the fore of the dance music scene in NZ for over two decades, with three platinum-selling albums marking their note-worthy career. They are followed by Auckland-based dance music duo Bavhu (Cam Bav and Kahu Murupaenga), who have most recently announced their upcoming debut track, ‘ALWAYS DANCIN’,’ having made their Boiler Room debut earlier this year.


Next up is another Auckland-based DJ/producer General Lee (aka Leigh Dolbear), renowned in the country as George FM’s breakfast announcer, and a veteran of his craft in both the local and global dance music scene. With a massive 350 Ministry of Sound radio shows on his belt and having played alongside electronic music’s elites such as Netsky and Chase and Status, and DJed for artists like Coldplay and Duran Duran, General Lee will no less than absolutely shred the stage before handing it over to Tizza for further demolition.

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DJ and vocalist from Auckland, Tizza comes fresh off her four-month Summer tour, which concluded in February this year. The #5 in NZ Djane ranked artist is a frequenter at George FM events and curations, having bagged the winning spot in the dance music radio’s 2020 Mini Mix competition. Tizza will bring the best of her dance music sensibilities to the decks this June 14, followed by house music DJ Beccie B (Beccie Barclay). Beccie B is a resident DJ at George FM Nights and founder of Sugar & Spice Aotearoa, a club night and festival takeover series that represents the minority in electronic music.

The mid-point of the Matariki Winter Warm Up roster brings Bali-based DJ Mamba to the stage, who will play some stunning house and disco tunes, before handing the console over to DJ/writer/actor/model and George FM radio host Abeiku.


The event will wrap up with performances from Nixen, DJ Nigel Love, Alisha Paul (aka DJ ALISHA) and Darren Bailey, making for the ultimate night of house, disco and funk to bring in the M?ori New Year.

Divided between two of Auckland’s suburban cities of Morningside, Matariki Winter Warm Up also boasts some heavy-hitting sponsors. Here’s what you need to know about the venues and sponsors for this year’s George FM Matariki celebration.

About the Venues

Morningside Tavern is situated at 16 McDonald Street, Sandringham, Auckland, and is exactly what its name suggests. Inspired by the founder of the area, Alan Kerr Taylor, and his wife, Morningside Tavern keeps to the ‘tavern’ aesthetic, but with an elevated touch. For those who haven’t visited the all-day dining and events space, expect industrial with pops of color, and an easy-yet-exquisite menu consisting of popular pub foods and a whopping variety of drinks. Find out more about the Morningside Tavern on their website here.


Next door neighbor to Morningside Tavern, Glasshouse Morningside is a premium performance and events venue, designed to be a “calm and serene space, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city.” This “urban oasis” boasts crystal clear glass roofs against white and light wood interiors, with a beautiful collection of indoor flora. On the menu at Glasshouse is everything from fine-dining selections to easy-to-nibble canapés. To know more about this venue, visit the official website here.

Sponsoring this party alongside George FM, Morningside Tavern and Glasshouse Morningside are globally-renowned Pioneer DJ, premium Auckland-based independent alcohol brand Pals, and French Champagne house G.H.Mumm.

Please Note: Matariki Winter Warm Up is strictly an 18+ event.

If you’re in the area and on the lookout for the best way to spend a musical evening in a beautiful location (times two!) for Matariki this year, George FM’s Matariki Winter Warm Up is the place to be.

Get your tickets to Matariki Winter Warm Up before they sell out from The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Find the artists performing at Matariki Winter Warm Up: Nice ‘n’ Urlich | Bavhu | General Lee | Tizza | Beccie B | Mamba | Abeiku | Nigel Love | Alisha Paul

Find George FM on: The Official George FM Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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