Krantinaari Talks About Her Debut Performance at Roskilde Festival 2023

Mumbai-based rapper, hip-hop musician, activist, and multidisciplinary artist Krantinaari will smash her way to the Re:Act stage at the multi-genre music and arts festival Roskilde in Denmark on June 24, 2023.

Ashwini Hiremath, best known as Krantinaari, will join the roster as part of Re:Act, an alliance with the non-profit hip-hop organization Rapolitics, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, and the Roskilde Festival. As a strong advocate for women’s rights, social justice, and empowerment, Krantinaari takes the stage to perform music that addresses some of the issues and challenges experienced by women in India.
Krantinaari highlights Indian female wrestlers who are calling for an investigation into sexual harassment claims.
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The hip-hop artist slots in seamlessly with Rapolitics, a community that defines itself as “a non-profit organization that uses rap and hip-hop as a method to strengthen young people’s attitudes, self-esteem, and political courage through workshops, events, and creating communities for and with young people.”

As an activist and member of India’s all-women female cypher Wild Wild Women, Krantinaari has most recently spotlighted topics of PCOS, headed a sanitary pad distribution drive in Sahar Village in Andheri, Mumbai, and hosted their first REBEL GIRLS cypher in Bandra, Mumbai, to encourage female artists to come out on the promenade and showcase their talent.
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We reached out to Krantinaari to gather her thoughts on the upcoming festival, who likened the opportunity to the work of a pastry chef. She says, “Performing at Roskilde is like baking a cake with a huge community of women, and sharing a piece of it with other women who have never tasted our flavor of cake. I add to it the ingredients of culture, struggle, emotion, values, ethics, strength, freedom, and the life of women. When we bake it in a cake (song) it’s more than just a bond that I will build but a long friendship, which will open more conversations and exchange for many many women.”

She prepares the festivalgoers for her performance, noting, “The audience can expect crafted storytelling, real emotion, rage, love, awareness, and innocence in my music. It’s going to be a journey of not just one woman, but a clan of women, in Indian sounds, in my music.”

Krantinaari gave an insight into the message she’d convey with her performance at Roskilde Festival. She declared, “I think I will carry the dreams of women who have been on this journey for the last 75 years. Women who have their own system of living. I will be standing up to change the situation of women in the music industry. Speaking about culture and art, I think me going there is a statement in itself.”

Krantinaari’s debut single ‘Krantinaari’ highlights women’s hunger for justice, equality, and fellowship
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The artist intends to immerse herself in the atmosphere, culture, lifestyle, and live music scene in Denmark before returning to India. “I will be bringing in a whole log of understanding about how such a large festival works. I will bring my exposure to Scandinavian music and how they make music, their lifestyles, and the experiences that shape their sound. Their professionalism and system of work culture might also be something that I will be able to bring in. Musically, a lot of other networks for us to exchange sound and create new-sounding music,” she concludes.

Denmark’s Roskilde Festival is one of the world’s largest music and arts festivals in Northern Europe, which dates back to 1971, and now slides into its fifty-first edition. The multi-genre festival is fanned over eight days, with music, arts, activism, camping, and more. Headliners for 2023 include Kendrick Lamar, Queens Of The Stone Age, Burna Boy, Rema, Lizzo, Kesi, and Uncle Waffles.

Roskilde Festival states they are a 100% non-profit community, supporting humanitarian, cultural, and non-profit projects all over the world. The organizers work on four main pillars, namely environmental, social, artistic, and economic responsibility.

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