TF Daily Drop: Game Flip By Wild Wild Women

Today’s Pick is “Game Flip” By Wild Wild Women. Listen now!

With Game Flip, Wild Wild Women are flipping the game aka changing the day through their music and their personal lives. The track addresses those who say women cannot be fully independent. The message is that women have their own views, possess the same skills, and work in equal capacity as any human, and shouldn’t be considered any different.

Using the song and the rapper’s personal experiences, they hope to empower women who are battling or overcoming discrimination based on their gender. This song encourages women from all walks of life to stay strong, work hard, and rise above the common gender bias.

Speaking about the technicalities, the crew wanted to experiment with a different sound; a mix of breakbeat, funk, and afro percussion, at a slowed-down tempo, resulting in a really fun song. Written and performed by JQueen, Hashtagpretty, Pratika, MC Mahila, and Krantinaari, the track is a debut production by Pratika, which is mixed and mastered by none other than one of Indian hip-hop’s finest – Tienas. The music video was directed by Shushant aka Shatterdome11 and the Zlan Pero team whose work complements the track very well.

Wild Wild Women hope to create a larger and more sustainable hip-hop community, involving more artists than just their core team, and collaborating on projects – whether it’s more dancers, B-girls, graffiti artists, makeup artists, designers, or social activists.

They have been doing all women’s cyphers around the city occasionally to equalize the male-dominated scene, and they’re trying to do more. Having gained over 10k views on their YouTube so far with their debut track “I Do It For Hip Hop,” the crew makes an official statement that they are going to change the game.

If you’re a woman reading this, listen to this track to feel the power within!

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