Kels the Killer and Bree Wolf to Go Head-To-Head at Armored MMA on August 29

Channeling a medieval-meets-modern fighting style, the ultimate combat sport Armored Mixed Martial Arts returns to the Nashville Palace on August 29, 2023. Get ready for real weapons, real armor, and real violence as Nashville Armored Combat’s very own Kelsey Leta heads into the steel octagon pitted against Australian lightweight champ Bree Wolf! Get your tickets to Armored MMA’s forthcoming edition from The Ticket Fairy!

Australian Buhurt fighter Bree Osborne aka Bree Wolf has an outstanding resume that brags Brazilian jiujitsu, Maui Thai boxing, mixed martial arts, and grappling. The lightweight champion, who trains with the Brisbane Beasts, jets off to Nashville to spearhead an all-female/femme training camp Maid of Steel slated for August 26 and 27. The Armored MMA cage fight against Kelsey Leta on August 29 was announced toward the end of July 2023.

Bree Wolf in action against Molly Fry

Combatant and Nashville Armored Combat staple Kelsey ‘Kels The Killer’ Leta dubbed the upcoming tussle as the “biggest fight of my personal Armored Combat career” on Instagram. In previous bouts at the Palace, Leta has squared off against Rachel Moore and Shania Steinmann with her choice of weapon being a sword and a shield.

Nashville Armored Combat has also created a fundraiser and a slew of merchandise, the proceeds of which will be used to fetch Bree Wolf to town. An event T-shirt, a ‘women in armor’ support sticker, a coffee mug, and a Ladies of NAC calendar are among the items up for grabs. You can also purchase the entire bundle of items for USD 65.

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