Perfect Strangers Release New Single ‘City of Heartache’

The seven-piece blues, funk, rock, and jazz outfit Perfect Strangers from Bengaluru, India, releases a new single ‘City of Heartache’ via No Binary Records.

Perfect Strangers follow up on their June 2023 release ‘On The Wild Side‘ with a fresh new tune that examines the terrible realities of love and grief against the backdrop of a buzzing cityscape. Lyrically laced with themes of the bitter-sweet emotions of city life, ‘City of Heartache’ is a story of love’s decline set in a city that both cradles and challenges the human spirit.

‘City of Heartache’ hits listeners with a bright, bouncy tempo, oozing bluesy guitar riffs and jazzy keys. Stacked with the lyrics, “I am tired of the city – these old smoky rooms – with faint glimpse of love – that never blooms – and I gotta hang on,” the song offers a graphic portrayal of the ongoing struggles in the city, neatly camouflaged within a lively jazzy-funk-rock tune. The nearly six-minute track boasts two stellar vocal performances, exquisite horn arrangements, and a sleek electric guitar riff to conclude the single.

Post-release, Perfect Strangers are set to embark on a multi-city ‘City of Heartache Tour‘ of India, commencing with a couple of shows in Mumbai followed by gigs in Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, and Hyderabad.

Perfect Strangers is a Bangaluru-based ensemble comprising saxophonist Sweethin Hartman, vocalist Ananya Raja, guitarist Debjeet Basu, drummer Preran Gulvady, bassist Shalini Mohan, vocalist Pranav DM, and keyboardist Joshua Costa. Founded in 2013, Perfect Strangers derive inspiration for their music from renowned bands such as Toto, Steely Dan, and the Eagles.

Listen to ‘City of Heartache’ by Perfect Strangers: HERE

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