COSTHETA Obliterates Unnecessary Counsel on New Single ‘Faltu Advice’

After releasing ‘Mosh’ earlier this year, Assam-born and Mumbai-bred nu-metal artist COSTHETA bites hard at individuals who deliver unsolicited guidance on his new single ‘Faltu Advice.’ The three-minute offering serves as the second single from his upcoming debut album ‘Crackhead Diaries,’ chalked in for May 2024.

‘Faltu Advice’ (Useless Advice) from rap/rock musician and producer COSTHETA whips in a melange of head-bobbling nu-metal themes, vigorous hip-hop energy, and steady-paced rap segments. Aptly titled ‘Faltu Advice,’ it lyrically explores being dismayed by irrelevant and needless advice in Hindi and English. Heady waves of metal and hip-hop puncture the track on a canvas of gritty production stitched together by COSTHETA’s emphatic vocals.

Composer and producer Paritosh Bailung has been releasing music under the moniker COSTHETA, unfurling hip-hop, nu-metal, rock, electronica, and Bollywood. The artist has previously independently released an EP ‘DDPK: The Woes Of My B-School Days‘ (2022), and multiple singles, including ‘WELCOME TO THE COSHOOD‘ and ‘Impatient,’ his most streamed single on Spotify to date. His songs frequently touch upon matters of human emotions and mental health issues.

Speaking about his latest release, COSTHETA says, “There are instances when you just want to enjoy your peace, but some person would appear out of nowhere and start talking to you about your problems. Most of the time they don’t even understand your circumstances or the matter at hand, but they act like they know it all and do not hesitate to go on a monologue of what you should do and what you shouldn’t.”

Song Credits:
Written, performed, composed, and produced by COSTHETA
Additional production, mixing, and mastering by Pritesh Prabhune aka PrabhuNeigh
Artwork by Nirvaan Dukpa

Listen to ‘Faltu Advice’ by COSTHETA: HERE

Find COSTHETA’s music on: Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music

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