Pratika and PrabhuNeigh Announce New EP With Lead Single ‘Evolution of Thought’

Mumbai-based sibling duo Pratika and PrabhuNeigh lash out ‘Evolution of Thought,’ the lead multi-genre single from their upcoming debut five-track EP ‘Growing Up.’

Rapper, singer, and lyricist Pratika and producer, sound engineer, and composer PrabhuNeigh have joined forces again since releasing the thought-provoking single ‘Ever Wondered’ in late 2022. Now, the pair continue their story with genre-bending ‘Evolution of Thought.’ The lead single exudes an energetic fusion of industrial rock and hip-hop/rap, with a snazzy guitar solo from DefGiant, a project led by Reinhardt Dias, guitarist of Mumbai’s alternative rock band BLAKC.

‘Evolution of Thought’ serves as a preview for Pratika’s upcoming EP, highlighting her impressive vocal range, distinctive rap flow, and optimum use of screams and growls. As soon as the song starts, you are hit with a powerful guitar riff and Pratika’s fast-paced vocals, emphatically delivered with bars in both English and Hindi. The music is complemented by an animated visual display crafted by musician and visual artist Chinmay Patkar. This marks Pratika’s second July release following ‘Khoyi Si,’ a multilingual hip-hop collaboration with Dee MC.

While discussing the release and praising Chinmay Patkar, PrabhuNeigh shared a post on Instagram, saying, “Pratika and I have put a lifelong worth of sweat, blood, tears, fears, beers and long hours into making this happen, and who better than our indie and metal fam to work on bringing this to life with? WATCH OUT!”

We had a chat with Pratika about her latest release and inquired about her experience working with her brother, Pritesh (PrabhuNeigh). She responded by saying, “It’s always been fun working with Pritesh because he’s the one who introduced me to playing instruments and being part of a band as kids. We grew up listening to so much of the same music because we were both drawn to it, and that’s something that makes it easy for us to work together, besides living in the same house, of course!”

Diving into ‘Evolution of Thought,’ the rapper shares, “Evolution of Thought can be seen in two ways; one being from the point of view of the generation of millennials who had to pick up a lot on their own and fight against injustices, societal pressure, patriarchy, and much more over time. The song takes you through how it used to be for us growing up, where we learn to discriminate from a very young age and are groomed to feel a certain way towards certain people.”

Pratika valiantly goes on to mention, “Changing that perspective of society is something that is in our hands because we’re the adults now and we don’t have to give in to injustices when we have the power to do something about it.”

While writing this track, Pratika was inspired by a post from Sandunes, an electronic artist based in Mumbai. She says, “I was reminded how no musician or artist should be needing to dumb down what they do just to suit what the masses want to hear. It is important for even music listeners to evolve with us musicians, enjoy our journeys, and progress with our sound just as we do with our ideas and the way we want to portray an emotion with the help of a certain soundscape to do justice to it.”

“Sure, people who listen to a lot of hip hop don’t necessarily listen to a lot of heavy guitars, but the kind of industrial rock meets Nu metal aspect for a song themed like this CALLS for guitars, blending percussion, and basically creating the feeling it does when you listen to it,” she concludes.

Song Credits:
Vocals written and performed by Pratika
Music produced by PrabhuNeigh
Mixed and mastered by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda at The Beast India Company
Animated music video by Chinmay Patkar

Find ‘Evolution of Thought’ by Pratika and PrabhuNeigh: HERE

Find Pratika on: Spotify | Soundcloud 
PrabhuNeigh on Soundcloud

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