Swara Returns With New Single, ‘limbo,’ From Upcoming Debut EP

Branching off from the pop-forward milieu in her indelible debut single ‘gone,’ Indian indie singer-songwriter Swara flashes her R&B influences on her latest single, ‘limbo.’ The titular sophomore track from her upcoming debut EP probes into the solace between certainty and doubt amidst the soft beckoning of melodic rhythm and blues. “It’s an invitation to navigate the mysteries of life and find acceptance in its tumultuous ups and downs. It’s a reminder that there is always a way to find balance in the chaos,” said the artist in the press release.

‘limbo’ is co-produced by Swara alongside Mumbai-based producer Sudan, who also partook in the complete production of ‘gone.’ “Unlike most of the other tracks I’ve written, ‘limbo’ to me was perfect from its conception,” explained Swara regarding her self-production. “The production process since then has been fun and equally intimidating; but I’ve received so much support and feedback from my peers in the industry that I’m proud of myself for being able to pull it off. Sudan took my beginner-level layering and pretty much polished it to perfection, so it still sounds exactly the way I wanted it to, but elevated.”

The titular track will also have a music video, one that exhibits a ‘limbo’s dreamy and comforting semblance. Regarding the music video, Swara revealed, “‘limbo’ as a song is everything I want in a lullaby. When I started considering working on a music video, I knew I wanted it to feel like a dreamscape but I wasn’t sure how I’d go about it.” Together with a “godsend” team, Swara’s ideas were conceptualized, designed and transformed into a video. “The visuals are an iteration of my headspace, and the entire video is a 3D VFX render so we’re super excited for the final product,” she added.

As ‘limbo’s predecessor, ‘gone’ built a solid foundation for Swara and it did so with much acclaim. “I didn’t realise how much of an earworm the hook of that song was until people started telling me they were obsessed with it,” said the singer about the audience’s reception to her debut track. “Since ‘gone’ took off so beautifully, a lot of my inhibitions have been put to bed. And while I’m trying not to have expectations from ‘limbo’, I’m confident it’s going to find its audience just like ‘gone.'”

While the debut EP is in sight, Swara’s next offering will see her band with Bengaluru-based duo and strangers-turned-closest friends LAVI & Foenix on ‘breathe.’ “The most accurate description I can give you is that it’s a bop,” she teased. “‘breathe’ is just 3 friends hanging out, stressing about life, and having fun while they’re at it – it’s so amusing to me because that’s exactly what the dynamic between us is!”

‘limbo’ by Swara is now available to stream worldwide.

Single Credits:
Written and performed by: Swara
Produced by: Swara
Co-produced & mixed by: Sudan
Mastered by: Sudan
Artwork by: Vishal (Photographer), Amar Bisht (Asst. Photographer), Aamukta Reddy (Stylist), Deanne Monis (HMUA)

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