Kevin Miranda Releases Sleek New Single, ‘In a minute’

We spoke with Chennai-born and Seattle-based musician Kevin Miranda about his new single ‘In a minute,’ tracking his songwriting process, his experience working on this project, and a 40-minute Zoom call that helped lace together this song.

Singer/songwriter Kevin Miranda has had a productive tail end of 2023 – singing and producing his first Tamil song, ‘Malai Murasu’ (found on the soundtrack of the Kollywood film ‘KUIKO’), as well as releasing his single ‘In a minute,’ a nearly four-minute rhythmic pop adventure.

‘In a minute’ was a multi-country undertaking, as he worked closely with musicians from Chennai as well as Singapore-based writer, poet, and frequent collaborator Wei Liang, who contributed the lyrics to the song. During our exchange, Kevin revealed, “I’m always bouncing ideas with him on Telegram and getting critiques on my songs. His wit and sharp thinking have been invaluable to my process. This is probably one of our best works yet cuz we nailed it over a 40-minute Zoom call.”

The song opens with sleek guitar picking and fret movement, carefully inducing melodic production layered with acoustic guitar strumming and bass tugs. Choir-esque vocal harmonies and elegant musical chimes are stitched into the single, with a slick electric guitar riff segment forming the outro. Chennai-based artist Shallu Varun delivers on the bass, while vocalist-guitarist Shiva Moorthy from the Indian metal band Moral Putrefaction performs the guitar solo.

Kevin Miranda – ‘In a minute

The music composer stated that crafting ‘In a minute’ amid the fall/winter season in Seattle chipped in an extra dimension of a faint turmoil to the song. Miranda voices, “‘In a minute’ is a song I wrote about dealing with narcissists and trying to negotiate peace while being consistent about how you show up for someone you care about. Sonically it’s intimate, singular, and minimalistic, with an end that feels liberating.”

Talking about the production, he remarks, “Production-wise it’s a simple track that builds up over a finger-picked guitar riff running across two bars. I took a whole month to lay down the ‘cold’ and ‘isolating’ aesthetic that is analogous to living in Seattle.”

Song Credits:
Writing and Production: Kevin Miranda
Lyrics: Kevin Miranda, Kok Wei Liang
Guitar Solo: Shiva Moorthy
Bass: Shallu Varun
Mixing Engineer: Dilip Venkateswaran
Mastering Engineer: Shahid Hameed

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