House Of TUNEMAN Shares His Latest Fusion Track, ‘Saanjh’

Delhi-based house music producer and DJ Karan Dhingra, thriving under the alias House Of TUNEMAN, has just released a fascinating Indian electronica/deep house fusion track, ‘Saanjh.’

Dhingra’s latest composition takes listeners on an elegant melodic expedition, laid out over a mural of Indian and Afro beats. ‘Saanjh’ is plugged with a plethora of sounds emanating from classical instruments such as the dilruba, tabla, morchang, and bansuri, as well as sounds chimed in via Afro percussions courtesy of the djembe and dobrusha.

The track is a nonchalant melange of Indian electronica, laced with pulsating melodic waves and rhythmic Carnatic flows, which create a soothing sonic soundscape. The Taranas of Shastriya Sangeet and Qawallis inspire the alluring vocals weaved into the music. ‘Saanjh’ is accompanied by a stellar visual presentation stitched together by ArtMantra, depicting a festive day from morning to night.

House and Afro DJ Karan Dhingra aka House Of TUNEMAN’s music is a delicious blend of deep house, Afro, and tech house. Karan has been making strides in the music scene since his debut release in 2020, with over a dozen successful releases signed by European and Indian record labels, Dhingra’s earlier release ‘BOMBAY BUSTLE’ earned widespread acclaim, receiving airplay on FM and television channels.

Before the release of Saajh, the music producer had a productive couple of months, releasing ‘Bairaag‘ with singer Kritika Goyal and even appearing on the card alongside Ukrainian DJ Korolova at SoHo-Delhi.

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Track Credits:
Produced by: House of Tuneman
Mixed and mastered by: Audiosol
Video by: Artmantra

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