4th Annual Lemon Street Classic to Be Held in Marietta

The City of Marietta will host the 4th Annual Lemon Street Classic at Marietta High School on December 21–23, 2023. The national-level basketball tournament pays homage to the historic Lemon Street in Marietta, Georgia. Tickets to the 4th Annual Lemon Street Classic are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy.

Step into the world of basketball at the 4th annual Lemon Street Classic! Mark the date, December 21–23, as Marietta High School becomes the focal point for basketball lovers in the city of Marietta, hosting the most talented national-level players in a thrilling basketball competition.

The Lemon Street Classic holds a deeper purpose, being one of the leading forces of change and being named after the historic Lemon Street, which was the only school for minorities during the era of segregation. The final class to graduate was in 1966, before the integration with Marietta High School, who stood together to celebrate the history of Lemon Street and continue the legacy. The complete schedule and timings for the 3-day game are yet to be announced; keep an eye out on Lemon Street Classic’s official website for more details!

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