VALORANT’s International Championship To Conclude in Seoul

The VALORANT Championship is currently underway and Valve has announced the entire roadmap for the championship series! Read on to find every kickoff and the stage battles that led to the final championship, along with the complete whereabouts of the tournament.

The International consists of forty-four teams that take part in a high-stakes tournament for six months straight, each taking place in different cities and countries all around the world. Valve shocked audiences when they announced the capital of South Korea, Seoul, to be the location of the final championship, which will take place on August 1 – 15, 2024. The details were revealed during the first International League kickoff that took place on February 16 and is currently underway until March 3.

VALORANT Champions 2024 Roadmap

Madrid, Spain, will be the playground for the winning teams of the International League kickoff. It will be the first global VALORANT Champions Tour event in 2024, taking place from March 14 – 24. Later, on April 3 – May 2, the International League will conduct Stage 1 of league play. The emerging top three teams will play at the Master, hosted in Shanghai, China, on May 23 – June 9.

Of the forty-four best teams assembled to play the International League kickoff, 16 teams will go neck-to-neck in Seoul to find the ultimate VALORANT champion!

We hope you found the details on the road map for the VALORANT’s international Championship useful. If you love the Esports scene and want to stay up-to-date, don’t forget to keep tuning in!

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