Gamuel Sori Delves Into The Making of ‘Glitterball’

On the back of his anthemic single with Reigns, Gamuel Sori chats about his new release, the successes he accomplished in 2023, plans for this year, and more!

What better way to kick off the new year than with the ultimate house music banger, ‘Glitterball!’ Since its release earlier this year, the collaborative canon by Italian house music icon Gamuel Sori and singer/songwriter Reign has racked up nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify itself!

Gamuel has etched his name as a major force to be reckoned with within a short span of emerging into the electronic music scene. As he continues to rack up his distinctive compositions and collaborations, including his latest work with Gromee and Kairos Grove on ‘Deja Vu,’ we got the opportunity to retrace Gamuel’s artistic origins, passions outside of music, and his plans to tour in 2024, among others!

TFword: Congratulations on the release of your single, ‘Glitterball.’ It is undoubtedly an ultimate party number! How did the song come about?
Gamuel Sori:
Thank you so much! “Glitterball” was born out of a desire to create a feel-good anthem that captures the essence of a lively party atmosphere. The funky beats and infectious melodies came together organically during the production process, resulting in a track that’s perfect for getting people on their feet and dancing.

TF: What prompted you to kick off the new year with ‘Glitterball,’ and how has it been received live?
Gamuel Sori: Starting the new year with “Glitterball” felt like the perfect way to kick off 2024 with a bang! The reception live has been incredible – seeing the crowd’s energy and excitement while performing it is truly electrifying.

TF: What was it like to work with Reigns? What draws you to your collaborators?
Gamuel Sori: Working with Reigns on “Glitterball” was an amazing experience. Her soulful vocals added a whole new dimension to the track, bringing it to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. I’m drawn to collaborators who share a passion for music and bring their unique talents to the table, and Reigns definitely delivered on that front.

TF: 2023 was pretty successful for you! From releasing a series of bangers to collaborating with artists like INNA. How would you reflect on the year now?
Gamuel Sori: 2023 was indeed a remarkable year filled with memorable milestones and exciting collaborations. Looking back, I’m incredibly proud of everything we accomplished and grateful for the support from fans and collaborators alike.

TF: Take us back, who were your favorite artists growing up and who inspired you to get into music?
Gamuel Sori:
Growing up, I was inspired by a diverse range of artists across different genres. From Punk rock artists like blink-182 and Green Day during the teenage era, to the huge EDM icons such as Avicii, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia. But it was thanks to Tchami that I got into music production. With his unique style in those years built in me a huge curiosity about the creative process behind a song.

TF: Along with your music releases, you also got to travel across the world in 2023. Could you talk about your experience of touring and whether you have plans for more this year?
Gamuel Sori:
Touring the world in 2023 was an unforgettable experience. I mainly travelled because of sessions and writing camps, which is something that I love. I wish to do more gigs abroad and to travel more and more to write the best music!

TF: You also recently DJ’d for the iconic YSL brand, how was that? Are you a fashion fan?
Gamuel Sori: DJing for YSL was a surreal experience. Being able to curate the music for such an iconic brand was an honor, and it was amazing to see how music and fashion intersected to create a memorable event. As for being a fashion fan, I definitely appreciate style and aesthetics, especially when it comes to expressing myself creatively.

TF: Speaking of which, who is Gamuel away from the music? What are your interests and what sparks joy for you?
Gamuel Sori:
Away from the music, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring new places, and staying active outdoors. I also love to just chill at home, meditate. It’s really up to the day itself. I love also working out at the gym. I find joy in simple moments and strive to maintain a healthy balance between my personal and professional life.

TF: What do you hope to accomplish in 2024?
Gamuel Sori: In 2024, I hope to continue pushing boundaries creatively, connecting with fans on a deeper level, and expanding my reach as an artist. Whether it’s through new music releases, exciting collaborations, or unforgettable live performances, I’m determined to make this year one to remember.

TF: Finally, what is coming up next for you?
Gamuel Sori: What’s next for me? You can expect more electrifying music releases, thrilling collaborations, and more live performances. I’m constantly evolving as an artist and can’t wait to share what’s in store for the future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Glitterball’ by Gamuel Sori and Reigns is out now!

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