UKato and Noizbleed Give Their Unique Spin on Noisia’s ‘Approach’

The remix forms part of Noisia’s Resonance VII remix package, featuring powerhouses like Eptic, NGHTMRE, and Visages, to name a few.

If you want a measure of just how far bass music has come in India, here is your proof; but first – context. VISION Recordings, led by now-disbanded Dutch trio NOISIA, has long been the chief purveyor of the twisted and experimental downstream of bass music.

With their NOISIA chapter ending in 2022 and the trio embarking on their solo projects, they have ensured that their genre-pushing endeavors will continue uninterrupted through their VISION Recordings imprint. The primary focus has always been bringing fresh talents and genre-bending music on board, but it has come in tandem with a series of remix compilations of their imperious back catalog.

So far, there have been six editions of NOISIA’s ‘Resonance’ series, where they have invited artists from across the spectrum of not just the bass music realm, but electronic music as a whole. For NOISIA, their message is clear; if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Something they have followed throughout their ‘Resonance’ series so far.

Continuing their ethos, NOISIA has brought on Indian talents UKato and Noizbleed to remix their 2016 track ‘The Approach’ from their genre-defying ‘Outer Edges’ album. Devoted explorers of the deep and intricate territories of bass music, UKato and Noizbleed have been pushing boundaries with their unique approaches.

Speaking about the remix, UKato said, “This remix is a callback from Noisia’s last set, where Thys from the trio said music should be made together and celebrated together. That’s why I brought Sean on board because he is the one who made it a more fun process for me.”

Making his official debut on RAM Records’ sister label and being the first Indian producer to make a full release on the label, UKato’s sonic excursions have seen him play his productions across the underground and commercial ends of music. He was also the first Indian to feature on VISION Recordings when he remixed Thys’ Hodo in 2023.

Noizbleed, on the other hand, has been a constant presence in the Indian bass music circuit through his label and a plethora of independent releases. Formerly a duo, Noizbleed is also the proud owner of NAYE Recordings – a concept label that aims to converge local subcultures and elements of bass music in an exploratory fashion.

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Echoing UKato’s thoughts, Noizbleed says, “The opportunity to re-interpret your idol’s vision and being able to narrate your own story along with it (without any compromise), has been a tremendously rewarding and euphoric experience.”

Their unwavering commitment to supporting local DJs and producers has always set them apart, and now they’re finally united for an official release, fully unleashing their production prowess. Keeping the pensive mood of the original intact, you are gradually led to the razor-sharp and twisted drum patterns that are immaculately measured to match the tune’s progression and intensity.

This remix is a sign of an era-defining time for bass music in the country, and if you’re not on the train yet, you are guaranteed to miss out on some seriously good music that’s about to emerge from India and the subcontinent.

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