Second Stage of Valorant Champions Tour 2024 to Begin; New Patchnote Announced

Ahead of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 taking place from June to August, Riot Games have released patch notes 8.10, where the focus has been diverted to new players, creating a new basic training event, fixing a few bugs, and much more. 

Since June has just begun, the Valorant Esports scene is in full swing! The second stage will be battled out among the best teams and players from all around the world, and these are the dates you should keep in mind if you want to learn new strategies or even support your favorite team to victory – 

VCT 24: Pacific Stage 2 – June 15 – July 21 | South Korea 
VCT 24: China Stage 2 – June 15 – July 21 | China 
VCT 24: EMEA Stage 2 – June 18  – July 19 | Germany 
VCT 24: America  Stage 2 – June 22 – July 21 –  | USA 

With another season coming to a close, Riot Games has announced the upcoming changes and bug fixes through their patch notes (8.10). There’s no doubt Valorant is almost as perfect as any first-person shooter game; however, the developers have taken a different leap towards the upcoming update, focusing on helping the newbies level up faster and even understand the game better. 

The update brings new progression for basic training events specially tailored for beginners and featured as special events. The event will feature clear missions and milestones to help you level up and understand the game quickly. You’ll even find other minor changes to agents like Cypher and Clove as well as bugs that’ll be fixed. Below you will find everything coming to Valorant’s newest update, 8.10. 

Basic Training Event 

The basic training event, better known as the Welcome Contract, has now become better suited for new players, featuring new training structures, clear missions, and milestones that’ll help you get the hang of the game before entering sweaty-ranked games.

The basic training events will be displayed along with the various other game modes available, through which you can view your progress and understand your goals and milestones, and upon completing them, you’ll be ready to jump into games and have a lovely time. In case you’ve only partially completed the Welcome Contract, your already earned rewards will be reflected in the Basic Training Event when it comes live, and you’ll be able to proceed through the training, earning XP towards the battle pass. 

And if you’ve already completed the training, you will not see the Basic Training, but your rewards and XP will reflect on your account. 

Bugs and Fixes 

Only two minor fixes are coming to Valorant’s 8.10 patch note, and both of them are for agents who had a technical issue this season which cost many players their ranked games. 

The developers fixed the issue where shots were immediately fired after exiting Cypher’s Spycam that would not cause any damage but instead just an animation that would hinder players’ experiences. After the update, the weapon-raised animation is now played for its full duration. 

They also fixed a bug that arose with Clove’s Pick-Me-Up timer that could be restarted, giving her the ability for more times than intended.

Although these changes are minor, they improve the overall gaming experience while not changing much of the gameplay. The new Basic Training will be quite helpful for new players who want to get their hands dirty in ranked games.

We hope you found the information above useful and are as excited as us for the stage 2 VCT, which will see the best teams and players in the world compete for the title of best. We have a lot more planned out for gaming, so don’t forget to keep tuning in! 

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