New Documentary Explores Queer Underground Music Scene in Istanbul

Featuring Y.unan and Nene H, the co-founders of Sirän, MX SÜR of the XSM collective, and Endurance, among others, ‘Movement’ highlights the efforts, systemic issues, and work of collectives in the Istanbul queer underground scene.

Istanbul-born-and-raised Yesim, the stage name of Y.unan, has been a part of the electronic music scene for about 15 years. Y.unan joined forces with Nene H to form Sirän 2 years ago with the aim of connecting the Istanbul and European communities. Sirän organizes music workshops, artist talks, solidarity events, exhibitions, as well as community meetings.

The 20-minute film has been divided into three chapters with discussions and interviews about the safeguarding of spaces for the queer community’s underground club scene with the rising economic crisis and issues such as racism, gentrification, commercialization, and more. In addition to exploring what the future holds for the community, ‘Movement’ also gives viewers the background of the individuals in the film and what being a part of the underground club scene used to be like.

MOVEMENT | Documentary

Nene H underlines the importance of the dancefloor for the queer community – the safe haven it has become and a short escape from the outside world. She emphasizes that it is a space where the community can not only have fun but express themselves and be themselves. “There is so much, so much gain because existing outside of the dancefloor is so heavy for all of us globally” s,ays Nene H in the documentary.

“MOVEMENT is an ode to the freedom and ferocity fostered on underground dancefloors, and the people fighting to preserve it in the face of societal and systemic pressure,” Morph Group, the producer of the film, wrote on Instagram.

The documentary spotlights the differences in experiences of queer people in queer spaces and other places and the importance of preserving them in the face of many issues.

Director Benjamin Muasya shared on Instagram, “I have the deepest respect for the work these collectives are doing, because the underground dancefloors are such an important space for connection, expression, and introspection. It is a vital space, also in these times, and it’s important to cherish the people who dedicate themselves to creating these spaces.”

Watch Morph’s new documentary MOVEMENT this Pride Month on YouTube!

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