Amerika: The Best LGBTQIA+ Disco in Buenos Aires

Step out of Buenos Aires’ temperate climate and into a completely different space; one that is heavily equipped to host the best and brightest of both the local and international music scene. Bring your friends or find new ones at Amerika, a supremely LGBTQIA+-friendly nightclub in Buenos Aires. Whether you’re looking for a high-octane partying experience or an offbeat memory-maker, Amerika promises to deliver.

About Amerika

A known staple of the Argentinian capital city has to be its infrastructure. From high-end boutique galleries to low-down whisper-of-the-town hang-outs, most spots in this tourist destination have undergone architectural conversions. Former mills, factories, residential and commercial buildings and aged establishments all line the streets of Buenos Aires; turn a corner and find yourself awestruck by hand-crafted exteriors, aged and dwarfing. This is, of course, the case with Amerika, which used to be an old two-story Spanish warehouse.

On the outside, Amerika dawns a classic red-brick look, complete with behemoth pillars, awnings and paneling. Step inside, and you are greeted with an entirely different atmosphere. Spread across two floors are three individual stages – Continental, Caribbean, and Crystal, each usually packing its own unique party experience every weekend. If three stages aren’t enough, you can also head to Amerika’s bowling alley, a rare sight in a nightclub!

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Located in the Almagro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, known to be the birthplace of tango, venues usually expect to see more than the usual number of attendees as the week powers down. With a whopping capacity of over 1800 heads, Amerika is easily equipped for this and consistently delivers. There is also a separate outdoor dancefloor for those who prefer their music with a bit of moonlight.

However, what is most notable about the raved-about and renowned nightclub is its recognition as Buenos Aires’ top LGBTQIA+ venue. Parties are curated strictly with this in mind, with a zero-tolerance policy for any conduct that does not meet the venue’s inclusion practices. Having been temporarily closed on multiple occasions for exceeding noise limits since its doors opened back in 1999, Amerika now runs Thursdays to Sundays, making sure that a weekend affair at the nightclub is always levels above its previous curations.

Music at Amerika

While there is usually a theme/genre for Amerika’s individual stages, special events can overrule this. You can expect to treat yourself to equal helpings of electronic, Latin, and pop music across Amerika’s Continental, Caribbean, and Crystal stages. Parties also tend to slide into different genres as the night picks up, feeding off the needs of the crowd and drawing from the performers’ offerings. If you’re a fan of electronic music, you can look forward to some disco, funk, house, progressive, electronica, techno, dance, and deep house events. But, if you’re in the mood for something specific, the venue urges you to check in advance!

Performing artists at Amerika span the globe! Previous performers include Buenos Aires-based duo Festa Bros, dance music DJs Dave Seaman, Emi Campana, and Danny Howells, Latin-American electronic music producer Luciano, and Swiss-South African DJ and deep house producer Nora en Pure, to name very, very few. The venue has also previously hosted German progressive DJ/producer Oliver Moldan, pop/electronic DJ/producer Execut, and electronica/techno/house music producer Emanual Garbaccio.

Special Events at Amerika

Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Amerika have been known to offer a mix bag of party experiences. The venue frequently invites well-known drag performers, dance crews, hosts, and DJs to elevate their parties, inviting attendees to participate in the festivities. If you have a birthday coming up, keep an eye on the venue’s online pages to catch exciting offers on tickets and indoor sales.

Amerika is also equipped to host both underwater (rain) and foam parties, both of which are frequently hosted indoors and beloved by regulars and newcomers alike. And, of course, festivals and holidays call for even more careful curation, with past events sporting top global talents and exclusive offers on both general and VIP tickets.

Things To Know Before You Visit Amerika

  • Amerika events usually begin from 11 PM onwards and can run all the way until 7 AM, the morning after. Occasionally, events can begin before 11 PM, or at midnight. Expect the party to truly pick up when the clock strikes 2!
  • Almagro, where Amerika is located, is equal parts residential and commercial. Expect to see everything from quaint haunts and luxury dining experiences to children’s parks and family-friendly restaurants. Public transport options are plentiful, but range from efficient to expensive between buses, trains and taxis.
  • Amerika is a strictly 18+ venue unless a particular event specifies otherwise. Expect to see a healthy mix of attendees aged 18 years or older.
  • There is a VIP option available for those looking to enhance their visit to the famed nightclub, and the all-access bar boasts an impressive variety of both local and international drinks. Ask about offers at the venue if you haven’t spotted any before your visit!

Buenos Aires’ has something for everyone, and Amerika happens to pack a majority of the tourist city’s nightlife experiences under one roof. Have a glamorous time under superior lighting with the best of Argentina’s music scene blaring in the background. Dress to express or stay casual, mingle with locals and, most of all, dance like no one’s watching! At Amerika, you’re bound to have a safe, superior quality party – one that will go down as one of your favorite night-outs!

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