Hayden James Heads to Singapore on July 5

After welcoming indo-house flagbearers Indo Warehouse in June, Singapore’s renowned events space MDLR now ropes in award-winning music producer Hayden James for a scintillating showcase on July 5. Tickets to Hayden James’ show in Singapore are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy.

Concocted by live events agency Collective Minds Asia, one of Australia’s most noteworthy music producers Hayden James floods MLDR’s dance floor with his immaculate production, trademark mix of electronic pop, and passionate vocals on July 5. Attendees can expect a delicious melange of aussietronica and elements of his hit releases ‘Better Together’ (featuring Running Touch) and ‘Just Friends’ (featuring Boy Matthews).

The ‘Something About You’ hitmaker arrives on tour in Singapore, with shows scheduled for Savaya Bali on July 6, followed by stops at the Brunch Electronik Barcelona in Barcelona and multiple performances in Ibiza.

James also marked five years since the release of his debut album ‘Between Us,’ of which tracks ‘Numb’ scored a triple platinum certification in Australia, ‘Just Friends’ peaked at number 26 on the ARIA singles chart, and ‘Better Together’ earned the title of Most Performed Dance Work of the Year 2020 at the APRA Music Awards 2020. Acknowledging his fanbase, Hayden expressed via a social media post, “Safe to say the album changed my life!! Thank you for listening, legends,” while also dropping nuggets about a third album.

In terms of releases this year, Hayden James has released a single ‘Make It’ via Future Classic Records, collaborating with fellow Australian DJ/producer Kormak and also his JUST FRIENDS 001 session aboard The Island, a floating beach club in Sydney. He has also just dropped a new track ‘Deep Diving’ and announced his third album ‘We Could Be Love,’ coming out on September 13, 2024.

Speaking about his creative process with 15 questions, James shared a unique ritual he follows when creating music. He mentioned, “I have is putting on a favorite video clip or nature clip on YouTube. I then mute that audio and write to that visual. Kind of like I’m scoring the clip. That helps me a lot from a creative perspective.”

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