How to Expand Your Music Event Across the World

Creating and managing successful music events are always the immediate goal of any music event planner or organizer. However, growth is also another aspect of event planning that is just as important. Thinking about ways you as a music event planner or organizer could grow and how your future music events and festivals could build a stronger platform and flourish allows you to align specific decisions towards your goals. Creating music events and festivals requires you to look toward future goals in order to plan and strategize for subsequent music events that your target audience and past eventgoers are interested in.

As you grow, you want to eventually expand internationally. You want your events to reach an international audience and generate the response and excitement it does domestically. It’s an ambitious goal for any music event planner or organizer but it’s not unrealistic. By taking measured and strategic steps when planning for international music events and festivals, you will successfully accomplish your goals.

Here are some key tips to help you and your music events and festivals dominate global venues.

Graphic to demonstrate global expansion to show how to expand your event

1. Opt for a hybrid event format

Sometimes, it makes sense for your event to be hosted in person, as well as online. Oftentimes, people aren’t able to attend events because they’re either busy, or they live on the other side of the world! If you have the capability and think there would be an audience beyond your location interested in the event, it makes sense to have an option for people to stream online in real time.

Setting up a hybrid event requires additional support from a team dedicated to capturing and live-streaming the event, so if you’re sure there’s an audience for it, do this format. You can make multiple ticket types available if you register your event with Ticket Fairy.

2. Collaborate with local partners

One of the simplest ways to expand your music events globally is to collaborate with local partners and sponsors. Collaboration is key to getting your foot into a completely different country. Firstly, not only do you have homegrown support but you will also attract attention and awareness to your music events and festivals that you’re trying to promote. This allows a way for locals to become familiar with your presence and the events that you’re promoting.

Additionally, do your research and analysis on possible partnerships and sponsors that match your brand and event style. For example, partnering with local sponsors will be a driving force behind the excitement and interest amongst prospective ticket buyers and event attendees. It’s difficult to enter a foreign market but having the right partners and collaborations is a step in the right direction. 

3. Target similar locations and destinations 

When looking to expand your events globally, look for locations and destinations that could be possible venues. As you look for possible venues, consider if the location or destination is similar or emulate the venues and locations of past events that you’ve organized. This is important because hosting your music event in a context (things like the venue, city, location ambience, possible audience demographics, etc.) that you can easily familiarize with increases the likelihood of success in a foreign market.

By targeting specific locations and destinations, you are able to easily establish a continuity of values to not only create and leverage your brand image but to also create a sense of community with prospective attendees. Looking at similar locations will only be a productive way to work towards building your brand.

4. Connect with your audience through social media

Everyone everywhere uses social media. It’s a powerhouse of a tool and a smart way to connect with your prospective audience. You’re also able to easily conduct research on local interests, hobbies, and values to get a scope of how you can market your event to the local audience.

Additionally, social media campaigns are a simple way to market your event and create buzz around it. A great idea for a social media campaign is by partnering with local social media influencers. It gets the excitement going and seeing familiar faces will engage your audience and their attention.

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5. Figure out the similarities and differences

An important factor in successfully entering a foreign market and managing events there is by conducting research. Before executing your game plan you want to figure out important similarities and differences that you want to be ready for. Figure out what you can establish there using ideas and strategies that you’ve already utilized before and what you need to change in order to cater to the local audience. You want to be able to successfully market to the local audience’s values and interests.

With these easy tips, expanding internationally whether in person or through a virtual/hybrid format will be easy to accomplish.

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