How To Keep Your Event’s Online Presence Front And Center Through These Techniques

Making sure your event attendees stay interested in your music event content online is one of the most important things you can do as an event promoter. You want to make sure eventgoers are still interested in not only one music event but the following events as well by creating ways to nurture your audience online.

Here are five ways to nurture your event attendees online.

1. Nurture email sequence 

Creating a nurture sequence is a way to keep the attention of your target audience and hopefully, prospective attendees. Don’t send only a series of emails to keep your audience up to date with the most pertinent information relating to the upcoming music event but send other related information as well. Important information that you want to stay top of mind with your audience should be included in the emails such as key registration dates, final registration dates, special promotions, and links to other event-related content.

2. Build Excitement BEFORE Ticketing 

There are many ways to engage an audience before making any ticketing or event lineup announcements. Teasing an audience by asking them to pre-register is one of the easiest things to do to gauge an audience’s interest. Pre-registration gives you an idea of how many people are interested in the event, allows you to collate essential information about them, and enables you to gratify them for their efforts.

One of the biggest advantages of a ticketing platform like Ticket Fairy is taking pre-registrations and rewarding these super fans under the PREWARDS program. The more steps a ticket buyer takes to share the event on social media, they rise in rank with a special point system that keeps a track of their activity. Gratifying top ticket buyers keeps them happy and draws them back to the promoter even more strongly the next time an event is hosted. It not only builds trust, but works out as a free marketing tool to push your event online.

3. Use social media platforms

Use social media platforms to your advantage. Social media is a great and easy way to connect with your audience online. It allows you to establish a clear relationship with your audience as well as allows you to consistently post and create different content for your audience. But keep in mind, customize and refine each post to each social media platform. What you post on Instagram or TikTok might not be something that Facebook users find interesting. There is specific content that works for different social media platforms so create accordingly.

Graphic to demonstrate how social media nurtures event attendees online

4. Engage your followers 

Engaging with your followers is a simple way to nurture your event attendees online. You can easily accomplish this by engaging with your followers consistently on various social media platforms. An example could be replying to or liking a comment under an Instagram or Facebook post. You can also create event-related hashtags for your followers and audiences to use to share pictures and their own experiences at your event. By engaging with followers on social media, you create a second life for your event and interest in any upcoming events that you’re planning.

5. Targeted advertisements

Another way to nurture your event attendees online is by creating targeted advertisements. You can use targeted ads to make sure your content is reaching your targeted audience. Pixels like Facebook pixels (Meta pixels) work to track a user’s interactions with a specific ad which in turn delivers you detailed data you can then use to “retarget” your audience on other social media platforms. This repeated experience across social media platforms urges your audience to engage with your ads and gather interest which leads them to discover more about your events and event ticketing page.

6. Establish community forums

Establishing community forums is another way in which your audience can communicate with other eventgoers and gather more information about your events. Forums are safe spaces where people can hold discussions and share their own specific experiences. This establishes community amongst other people in your audience and in turn, grows your own outreach to prospective attendees.

7. Partnerships

Always pick a ticketing and marketing platform that helps you maximize your ticket sales by also creating content for you. Posting through the official partner’s social media pages, and getting coverage for your event in the form of articles before and after the event are some ways of bringing the best out of associations and partnerships.

Nurturing your target audience online is a cost-efficient and effective way to engage with your event goers to keep your venue and events top-of-mind, share upcoming show information, and create a memorable and engaging experience that will turn them into repeat ticket buyers. 

Want to learn how Ticket Fairy makes it simple to nurture your target audience online? Request a free demo today with an event expert who will share how Ticket Fairy will make audience engagement and ticket buying even easier and more successful. 

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