The Essentials Of Creating A Stunning Event Page

Planning music events and festivals takes considerable time and attention. There are a lot of steps that music event planners have to take in order to successfully pull off a show. From drawing up a marketing plan to thinking about the physical logistics of the event itself, it takes a considerable group effort to manage a music event and festival. What can be considered a foundational aspect of a music event is the music event page. A music event page is where your target audience will find the most important details of your event and ultimately, the way to purchase tickets. 

A good and strong music event page draws the attention of potential ticket buyers who are interested in the music experience that you’re promising them. When you create a strong music event page that is easy to use, it will work to help boost ticket sales. You’re getting the traffic you want your music event or festival to attract. Spending a considerable amount of time perfecting your music event page will ensure that prospective ticket buyers and eventgoers will receive the information that you’re communicating and cement the experience of a unique event in their minds. It’s one of the last steps to hook your targeted audience in and turn them into ticket buyers. 

To set up a music event page, there are a number of factors that you have to consider and use in order to create an attractive and appealing music event page that will draw your targeted audience in. Here are a couple of things that you must do for your music event page because after all, a strong music event page will attract positive attention and will boost your ticket sales.

1. Think about your layout and maneuverability 

The first thing you have to do is think about the physical foundations of your music event page. Think about the layout and maneuverability of the page itself because most of us will exit a page that is confusing and difficult to maneuver. When building your music event page, you want to consider the experience of your target audience. Ask yourself questions:

  • Is it easy to read? 
  • Does the layout make sense?
  • Is there too much on the page?

The way your music event page looks and works will definitely influence how long prospective ticket buyers and eventgoers will stay on the event page. So make sure the layout makes sense and is clear to use without any glitches. 

2. Make your music event page pop with color and visuals

As mentioned, the way your music event page looks is super important. Aesthetics matter here. You want vivid and clear colors and visuals cleverly placed. These aspects of a music event page will interest your prospective ticket buyers. Add live shots or photoshoots of your performing artist to the page. Additionally, create a carousel of event fliers or festival posters. They will definitely make your music event page look interesting. Place them strategically that amplifies the page. You already got your target audience interested through carefully planned marketing and social media campaigns. But ultimately you haven’t hooked them in yet until they have purchased a ticket. Make sure that your music event page compels them to purchase a ticket through the way it looks. From suitable color choices to vivid and compelling visuals–a beautiful music event page will catch your audience’s eye and convert them to ticket buyers. 

Illustration of woman looking at life-sized tablet to demonstrate colorful music event page

3. Keep your page simple and clear

Your music event page should be simple and clear. Practice minimalism with what you upload to the event page. It should be concise but largely impactful and clever. As a rule, don’t crowd your music event page. It should look simple, neat, and clean. Consider the size of visual content, the format and sizing of text boxes, and the arrangement of every piece of content. Make sure that your music event page looks balanced and that there isn’t too much floating around. When you overcrowd your page, you might overwhelm prospective eventgoers, and they in turn exit your music event page. In this case, simplicity is best when it comes to your music event page.

4. Upload relevant information pertaining to your event

This next point echoes the former. You want to upload only the most relevant information pertaining to the event to your music event page. The core details that should be on your music event page are the date, times, location, venue, and artist. There should also be a link that takes your page visitor directly to more information about the tickets, seating, and other important details they should know. Additionally, make sure the information is presented in an interesting and creative way. Use clipart to add a calendar icon with the day of the event next to the related event. It’s classic, simple, and professional. You also want to make sure to strategically place contact information on your music event page. This all creates a formula that is impactful and will increase the chances of your targeted audience purchasing a ticket.

5. Always update your music event page with new information

Lastly, always make sure you’re consistently updating your music event page with new information. Don’t ever leave your page empty or full of dated outdated information. This confuses people and will cause miscommunication. Consistently update dates, times, and cancellations and if it’s empty, just create a collage or slideshow of past events. This in part markets your work for future events. These are all critical information that eventgoers need to know. 

You always need to make sure that you know what goes behind how to set up a music event page. This is what prospective ticket buyers and eventgoers will immediately look for when they want to find out more about your music event or festival. Your music event page should also be heavily linked back to through social media. In your social media campaigns, make sure you’re linking back to the event page. This will drive traffic to your music event page and increase ticket sales.

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