How Event Organizers Should Prioritize Learning Detailed Audience Demographics

Audience is one of the most important factors of a successful music event or festival. Music event planners plan and manage music events by identifying a target audience and centering their interests, values, and expectations. Your goal is to convert your target audience into ticket buyers and eventogers. Having access to detailed audience demographics gives you the insight you need to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your audience. Music event planners organize events and festivals around not only their own personal goals but the expectations of their audience as well. Audience satisfaction ensures the longevity of your brand vision by focusing on their interests and expectations. 

Paying attention to your target audience is a big part of early event planning and marketing. Selecting the correct platforms to support your event ticketing page will allow you specific and valuable insight into important information about your target audience. You can then use the data collected to plan extremely tailored marketing. The benefits of a marketing plan tailored to your target audience’s interests and habits will allow you to successfully pull them in and convert them into ticket buyers. Through Ticket Fairy, music event planners are able to analyze and use the data collected on their audiences to create effective marketing tactics that will bring results.

Here are a few things that you can do using the data Ticket Fairy collects.

1. Use data collected for audience mapping

Audience mapping is a great way for you to develop strategic marketing tactics by concentrating on the habits of your specific audience. The insight that you get from the data is specific enough that you will be able to do some effective audience mapping. For example, using the data that Ticket Fairy collected, you can create a detailed map with different categories pertaining to your audience such as: audience description (details like age, gender, etc.), why are they interesting in attending this music event or festival, and what social media applications they use most.

After audience mapping, you can then being developing specific marketing strategies tailored to your audience. Ticket Fairy offers more than just demographics, and you can access that by registering you event on the website.

2. On the ground marketing tactics

Music event planners are also able to diversify their marketing strategies. On the ground marketing is a way to concentrate on audience experiences and personalize the marketing and social media campaigns leading up to the music event or festival. Additionally, you’re able to create ways to get your target audience excited by personalizing the marketing experience. It brings your music event to life, bringing immediate attention to your event. Keeping your audience engaged becomes easy when you’re able to understand them better. This comes in handy when looking for sponsorships and marketing tie-ups with brands and artists that ticket buyers may be interested in.

3. Detailed audience demographics allow you to create unique experiences

Echoing the former point, detailed audience demographics allow you to create unique and personalized experiences. Attendee experience is the focus of a music event or festival and by using audience data, you can tailor certain aspects of the music event to the expectations of your eventgoers. They’ll be able to enjoy an event that seems like it was made for their specific interests.

4. Geographic data brings you into the world of your audience 

Ticket Fairy also collects geographic data which you can use to plan specific marketing tactics that target their local environment. For example, if more than a third of your ticket buyers are from a specific city, you can beginning planning targeted advertisements that affect their physical surroundings. You can market through their local radio stations, put up large posters and fliers, and plan special travel packages through a fun raffle. This keeps the interest and enthusiasm going through your audience which they will in turn bring on the day of the music event.

Photo of people enjoying concert for detailed audience demographics

5. Device analytics provide insight into your audience’s habits

Lastly, device analytics clue you in on your audience’s habits. You’ll be able to see which apps ticket buyers tough bought their tickets through and even what device they are using. With this information, you can format specific marketing content to particular devices. For example, you can create particular music event posters for laptops and other banners for cellphones or tablets. This allows you to draw up unique content for different devices which diversifies the content you put out.

Detailed audience demographics bring you into the world of your audience. With the data collected by Ticket Fairy’s software, you are able to plan for better and effective marketing strategies that are personalized to your audience.

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