How Outdoor Marketing Can Effectively Capture And Keep Your Audience’s Attention

With a large portion of attention shifted toward digital marketing, traditional outdoor marketing still proves to be an effective strategy for engaging audiences. As per Shiprocket, 71% of consumers look at and absorb the messages promoted on large billboards. This goes to confirm that the general population is still very much actively consuming and interacting with visual outdoor content. As a standard rule in event marketing, it is always best to implement strategies that maximize your event’s reach to potential eventgoers while also building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Outdoor marketing achieves this and more. You’re able to create a visual impact on your audience while generating an immediate response on the spot. 

Outdoor marketing lends your event maximum exposure through visual advertising that immediately draws attention to your content. Marketers know that the attention garnered through various strategies stems from a stimulating aspect of the content that is distributed. It is strong and quality content that consumers will catch out of the corner of their eyes and do a double take. That is the exact reaction you want your content to produce and outdoor marketing accomplishes that for you. Event marketing stands to gain from implementing outdoor marketing strategies by generating bold content that will attract potential attendees.

Here, we will show you why outdoor marketing should be used to market your events and the ways you can start. 

What outdoor marketing offers you that other forms of marketing don’t

In the forms of fliers, posters, and billboards, outdoor marketing is marketing that exists outside of the digital screen (and your home). You can call it traditional, but it still successfully serves its purpose of making a visual impact on your audience. Digital marketing enables you to diversify, distribute, and track your content across different media channels. The revolutionary development in marketing technology allows marketers to develop and successfully produce campaigns with results.

But what outdoor marketing adds to your event marketing is the element of dramatic boldness that can be achieved through large billboards, full-sized posters, and passing out fliers. It’s the added factor of being meant to be seen that makes outdoor marketing so successful and still used heavily today by large corporations and brands. According to statista, the largest outdoor marketing company in 2021 reported more than 3.2 billion US dollars in revenue in that same year. Just imagine what outdoor marketing can do for your event when implemented during your campaign.

1. Increase and maximize event and brand exposure

Outdoor marketing is unparalleled when it comes to brand exposure. Through large and colorful billboards and poster-sized graphics planted in strategic locations, your event will be consistently exposed to the consumer that passes by your event billboard during their daily commute. This creates an additional sense of brand recall which increases the chances of them purchasing a ticket and engaging with your brand identity. Consistent imagery is key here because with constant and consistent exposure to your outdoor marketing content, it brings awareness to your event, and by extension, building your brand becomes easier.

2. Outdoor marketing is cost-effective

When it comes to your event budget, you have to not only be economical but also prudent with your decisions as well. Investing in large billboards, multiple posters, and printing and procuring manpower to hand out event fliers may seem the opposite of being cost-effective. But in truth, outdoor advertising will produce impactful content that is affordable while also implanting itself into your audience’s geographic environment. In the long run, outdoor marketing will secure brand awareness and loyalty and will get the town (quite literally) talking about your event.

Photo of Summer Music Festival Poster Graphic at bust stop bench for outdoor marketing in event planning and event marketing

3. Your audience is more likely to respond to outdoor marketing

The digital space is saturated with different advertisements and promotions that people are more likely to glaze over or even ignore. Outdoor marketing reduces that lack of engagement by appearing frequently in specific and opportune locations. Marketers find that more than 60% of consumers engage and respond positively to outdoor marketing such as billboards. If your audience has a positive reaction to your content, they are more likely to research your event or brand and even spread the word about it to their friends, families, and coworkers.

4. You are able to fully customize your content

The great thing about outdoor marketing is that it allows you to customize the content that you put up. You have control over the design, verbiage, and size of the content that goes up. Because most of your outdoor marketing content will be put up at specific locations, you can even consider the impact of location, environment, and demographics on your content. Where your billboards and posters are set up matters because you want to consider how to make your content pop in the environment it will exist in. Customizing your content to the location it will be placed in ensures that your event will be seen and talked about by different audiences.

5. You can synchronize your digital marketing with your outdoor marketing

There are so many marketing strategies so why not equip your marketing team with the most effective strategies? You can implement both digital and outdoor marketing for your event to ensure you cover as much ground as you can. It’s even practical to concentrate on both digital and outdoor marketing because your event can reach multiple audience demographics, impact the frequency with which your content appears, and boost audience engagement. 

With a ticketing platform like Ticket Fairy, you have the added bonus of in-depth audience data analytics that can influence your marketing campaigns. You are table to use the data collected on your audience demographics and geographics to find out where the bulk of your ticket buyers are coming from and plan for local outdoor marketing content there. Also, make sure you have a place to send people to through a URL, or a ticket platform’s logo. This will help people remember where they have to buy tickets from to attend events.

Bonus: different types of outdoor marketing to get the word out about your event

Here are a few examples of the different types of outdoor marketing that you can employ for your next event:

  • large billboards
  • banner ads
  • transit advertising
  • digital screens/billboards
  • lamp post banners
  • fliers
  • posters


Outdoor marketing is a tried and tested marketing strategy that when used, will generate a direct response from your audience. It will capture their attention and create brand awareness. With the frequency that your audience is exposed to your content, they will more likely to positively respond and seek out your event which will only boost sales and brand awareness.

Find out more about how Ticket Fairy’s software can help you build a comprehensive campaign and event experience with real audience data by booking a demo call today! 

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