How Live Chats And Communication Are Creating Transformative and Unforgettable Live Experiences

Now more than ever, people choose to attend events for the social aspect that is associated with them. After quarantining during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are making up for the loss of social interaction by actively looking for interactive experiences and attending live events, such as concerts, smaller music venues, art shows, etc., in order to be around people and build new relationships. As event organizers, you are in the business of creating interactive experiences where people can freely socialize and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the event. You actively build a night where attendees can be around other people with the same interests, values, and expectations.

When it comes to the events that you organize, you are able to promise and deliver an unforgettable experience to your attendees. However, as with the nature of events, the impermanence of experiencing and feeling lingers amongst the attendees. As event organizers, you want to offer your attendees more than just entertainment that becomes a memory. You want to create and nurture an environment where your attendees not only enjoy the entertainment, but also communicate and interact with the space and most importantly the people. 

With the advancement of event technology, live communication between the attendees and the venue itself is made possible. Event organizers are banking on live chat features that are not only exclusive to hybrid or virtual events, but also live events as well. When your attendees are able to communicate with other attendees at the venue (their neighbors are acknowledged), it creates an interconnected environment where everyone attending is actively engaged with one another through event technology.

The benefits of live communication during events

As mentioned, live communication during events can transform your attendee’s experience and ultimately positively impact your event and brand. If you’re not convinced yet, here are just a few benefits of implementing live chats and similar features in your future events.

1. You are able to communicate important information to your attendees

At live events, things can spontaneously happen at any moment. More than just a safety feature, creating a way for live communication to happen at your event will allow you to share important information with your attendees instantly. You are able to directly send live updates of what is happening in real-time to your attendees, inform them about new check-in information if it gets too crowded, and provide them with a customer service feature through the live chat if they need assistance. Being able to communicate with your attendees on the day of your event is so important to have and with event technology like RFIDs or particular event specific apps, it becomes a reality.

2. Your attendees are able to communicate with you

In turn, your attendees are able to communicate with you. This is such an important and undervalued feature at events, but being able to communicate with event staff is a necessity. At live events, anything can happen and when the event organizers and staff are not clued in to what is happening in regards to the attendees, avoidable situations or conflicts could easily escalate to something bigger and potentially affect your whole event in general. With live chat features, eventgoers are able to communicate with staff and bring to their attention any surprising issues or emergencies that need immediate attention. It allows you to be more responsive to your attendee’s issues and concerns and creates a strong relationship between you and the eventgoers.

3. Your attendees are more engaged and interact with the event 

Live chat features enable live communication at your events. Communication is an essential part of social interaction and your attendees are searching for that when choosing to attend your event. Go beyond just delivering a live event experience to your attendees.

Nurture an environment where your attendees can interact with everyone at the venue. Live chats made possible through downloaded apps on your attendees’ smartphones allow them to send chats, likes, pictures, and more. They can expect a response and clue in on what everyone else is experiencing. What makes an event more memorable and unforgettable is the people that your attendees meet and how engaged and interactive they are with the venue.

Take advantage of event technology to implement a live chat feature during live events

There is so much advanced technology for event organizers to implement into their events that goes beyond virtual or hybrid events. Each is unique and allows for seamless, live communication to happen at your event. Here are three different tools that are popular with event organizers.

Photo of live chats for an improved attendee experience and strong event technology

Live streaming services

Live streaming services are mainly used for hybrid or virtual events. This not only ensures your virtual audience is seeing the live event, but also allows them to interact with the other attendees as well. Most live streaming services enable live chat features to allow virtual attendees to communicate and interact with others also coming through during the live stream. Despite being remote, eventgoers are still able to socialize and share the event experience with others, creating more solid memories that stay with them longer. When your virtual attendees are actively engaged through the live chat feature, they are more likely to have a positive experience.

AR and VR technology

Augmented and virtual technology is making a splash in event organization. They not only create a unique and innovative experience for your attendees, but they can also communicate with other attendees through AR and VR. Through smartphone devices, your attendees can access virtual spaces and interact with fun features and chat with others experiencing the same things. VR takes your attendees into an entirely different universe. For instance, in video game tournaments, participants compete and are able to chat with their teammates and viewers can actively be engaged in the chat.

Downloaded apps

The easiest piece of technology for your attendees to chat through is through apps. They can download a specific app through a provided QR code and enter a live chat with others at the venue. It’s simple and has been used consistently by event organizers to send updates and information to attendees as well.

Create more than just a memory

The desire to communicate with others is a human trait that everyone searches for. As event organizers, you understand well that your events are created for more than just a memory. Events have the potential to build and bring networks of community together. Event technology makes this possible because the best way to connect with others is through live interaction.

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