AREA 404 Presents - Rise From The Underground

All Ages
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Tier 1
£ 19.25 (incl. fees)
Tier 2
£ 22 (incl. fees)
Tier 3
£ 24.75 (incl. fees)

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AREA 404 presents Rise From The Underground... A Boomtown Production.

Area 404 throws open its gates once more this April, welcoming the many tribes of Boomtown into this deserted industrial quadrant.

Bristol’s freshest five roomed performance arts complex is building up to an experience beyond all known dimensions… This is a true celebration of underground music and performance arts. Our bespoke culture forged with immersive theatrics, mind blowing stage sets and the collective spirit.

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Tier 1 £17.50 + BF - SOLD OUT

Tier 2 £20 + BF

Tier 3 £22.50 + BF



Slamboree - 10 Year Spectacular Show

Calyx and Teebee Ft. LX One (6 Deck Mix)

Mefjus & Maksim

Jungle Warriors Ft. Kenny Ken, Potential Bad Boy & Ragga Twins

Laid Blak

Gorilla Tactics



Chris Liberator


Roland the Bastard

Off Me Nut Takeover Ft. Phatworld b2b Thorpey



The Sauce (Total Science, DLR & Hydros New Spicy Supergroup)

Cause4Concern (Tribute to Optiv set)

Born On Road - Kelvin 373 b2b Jman b2b Gold Dubs Ft. Rider Shafique

Run Tingz

Rumble in the Jungle Takeover


Inja's Fully Fueled Flex

Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax (Jungle Set)

Kaotic Kartel Live Ft. Stivs, Ed Cox, Gurnsey, Papa

Mr Benn b2b Cut La Vis

Gypsy Unit


Uncommon Records Takeover (Jim Bitch b2b DJ Resist)

Ancient Radius

Hold Tight Takeover

Fat Stash Takeover

Mini Rig Takeover


“If any of this is to be remembered… any reason for these pains… such pains, upon us all… if there be any cause… it is that she betrayed us, abandoned us in our hour of need. We, the unclean, the forgotten, she discarded us, her children, and left us to wilt and wither. Pray we decay quicker, and pray death or a cure comes before the cloud does…”

Born out of the explosive reactor meltdown of Sector 6’s power plant, Area 404 welcomed survivors inside its dystopian walls last November. Inside, the fall-out victims, still somehow inexplicably breathing, held onto the idea that some cure for their vastly disturbing mutation comes soon.

But there were bigger shadows lurking. Vigilance was required at all times for a cataclysmic evil hung mercilessly on the horizon- The Cloud, a synthetic and amorphous dust, the breath of which promised insanity and terror for all.

Join us this April as the populace of Area 404 come to terms with their mutations and find ways to survive and rebuild their futures.


When you enter Area 404 will you submit yourself to medical research? Hunt out hidden areas of discovery? Or delve deeper into our hi-octane performances?

Area 404 is your space to explore, choose your own adventure, create friendships and share stories with your fellow pathfinders. And maybe even buy your way into a better world.

Everything could be currency, in this dystopia, where scrap is barter, meds are running out but still infection spreads, soon food itself may be a dwindling resource. How long is it possible to hold onto one’s humanity for?

Welcome back to the unsettling cosmos of Area 404!!!