Cajama (UK) | Wellington

. Love Not Lost , Wellington [Ages 18+]

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Cajama (UK) 

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Born and bred in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Callum MacDonald – stage name Cajama – developed an addiction for the aggressive sound of hardstyle and hardcore from a very early age. With no musical education to speak of, DJing at house parties enabled him an early form of escapism ande xpression.One of MacDonald’s primary influences was Double 99’s RIP Groove (1997). Widely considered a speed garage classic, it gave him his first taste of the UK bass/garage scene. In 2015, his interested in music production was detonated when a friend introduced him to FL Studio. Hungry to experiment, the 17-year-old apprentice loaded the software onto his laptop one evening while working on the graveyard shift at a network operations centre. Initially preoccupied by the emergence of future house pioneered by the likes of Oliver Heldens in the 2010s, it was only after attending Rotherham’s Fear-Fest festival in 2018 that MacDonald rediscovered his attraction to UK bass/garage. From that moment he set about transitioning towards creating his signature UK bass sound, but with a twist: “I didn’t come into the bassline scene to just blend in or go with the wave. I came from an EDM vibe and tried to match that with bassline to create a more developed version.”

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