Oxford Ceilidh With Stroma!

All Ages
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£ 16.50 (incl. fees)

Our standard ticket pricing for all over 18's and under 60's! 

Stroma Folk & Ceilidh are on tour!

Join renowned ceilidh band, Stroma, on their UK 2024 tour! A traditional lineup of instruments, played with a contemporary twist, Stroma's musicians have gained nothing but 5 star reviews from all of their ceilidhs to date. Come along and see what the fuss is all about!

Stroma love Oxfordshire, and Chipping Norton seemed like a perfect heart of the beautiful surroundings to choose as our Oxfordshire venue! We can't wait to see you there!

Bring yourselves, partners, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bosses - anyone! The best thing about a ceilidh is that anyone can do it, no experience required! Our expert and friendly caller, Caitlin, will guide you through all the traditional (and sometimes raucous) Scottish dances throughout the evening, and our band will provide energetic music to spin your partner to! It's very fun!

It's thirsty work, so there will be access to the venue bar throughout the night, so you can stay hydrated and keep dancing throughout the event!

Tickets are bound to go fast, so don't wait! 

See you there!

The Stroma Team!


What is a Ceilidh/How does it work?

What is a Ceilidh?

Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is a Scottish Gaelic word that means “gathering” or “party,” and it’s a traditional form of social gathering that has been an integral part of Scottish culture for centuries. 

While ceilidhs originally would likely not have included any dancing, over the centuries, dancing has come to be the entire essence of what a ceilidh is! 

A caller (kind of like a dance teacher) leads you and the other guests through many traditional dances, step-by-step. Once everyone has got the idea, we then dance with music, provided by our wonderful band (often getting faster throughout the dance, til you're spinning your partner round at some speed sometimes!)! 

The dancing is often interspersed with folk tunes, drink and socialising!

Who can dance at a Ceilidh?/Does it matter if I have never done one before?

Everyone and anyone! 

Basically, if you are able to move under your own steam comfortably, then you can ceilidh! Some of our dances are quite civilised, some are quite raucous and fast, some danced in pairs, some in one large group with everyone! We've ceilidh'd with as young as 1, and as old as 95, and have even had wheelchair-users at our ceilidhs! 

If you have never danced a ceilidh before, then great!! This is in no way a disadvantage! Our caller teaches everyone at once, so if you've done it before, you can be reminded, and if you've not, you can learn! It's the perfect way to meet people, learn something new, surround yourself in wonderful tradition and have lots of fun in the process!

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