Cinema One | Mount Maunganui

Ages 18+
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Audiology presents.. 




Imagine it. You walk into an abandoned cinema and each room contains a different genre of music. It smells like popcorn but it sounds like an international spec rave - the seats have been replaced with beats and everyone has a clear line of sight at the DJ thanks to angled floors. The visuals are floor to ceiling and delivered by the country’s best VJs, it’s hard to comprehend. You’re sweaty ‘cause you’ve been up the front moshing to the unmissable sounds of Camo & Krooked, so you grab a cold bev from the movie foyer downstairs, but on the way back up you hear Sir-Vere dropping the biggest hip hop beats of our generation. The clarity is perfect because the rooms are technically designed for it. You suddenly realise this is right where you want to be, but at the same time that you may never experience this again - making it all the more sweeter. 

You tell everyone about this for years to come. That one time at the movies… But that’s only if you actually attended in the first place. Tickets are extremely limited. 







Thanks to..

Odd Company 

V Energy 

Bring People Dancing 


  1. Louis H
  2. Rachel M
  3. Stephanie H
  4. Raven H
  5. Jocelyn M
  6. James B
  7. Ben W
  8. Katya B
  9. Lucy C
  10. Max H
  11. Cassia B
  12. Madeline L
  13. Will L
  14. Hayley O
  15. Angela W
  16. Holly L
  17. Daryl N
  18. Benji M
  19. Michaela H
  20. Ayden E