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. Love Not Lost , Wellington [All Ages]

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Friday + Saturday - Two Nights
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Saturday - Single Night
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After a week's break and some risk evaluation we've elected to plow on with bass-related chaos for fear of people's withdrawal symptoms kicking in. As a health-minded solution for getting your noise fix, we're teaming up with NFE Promotions to announce: 


A two day event covering Friday and Saturday with a range of Wellington's absolute finest coupled with Wellington's best in house drum and bass system. 


We've snuck Hawkes Bay's finest in for the weekend in AV, alongside a festival armed and dangerous LEVI for her first solo set since Rolling Meadows. 

Alongside on the tools will be 4 deck neuro maniac and production weapon HEU, and one of Wellington's largest ones to watch at the moment, EFFIE. 

🎧 1100 - EFFIE
🎧 1200 - AV
🎧 0100 - LEVI
🎧 0200 - HEU


NFE's hand picked send specialists will take the wheel. FRONTA and INTEC have done some unholy things in front of some very large crowds, and will bring the same chaos to our intimate yet deafening little bar. 

M16 and O2 are born and raised drum-and-bassheads, and have been dropping doubles since before they could walk. Registered weapon and infamous bunker fiend GUSTY comes in steaming hot, with an equally menacing KAMEANO threatening to set the building on fire before close. 

🎧 1100 - M16 B2B O2
🎧 0100 - GUSTY
🎧 0200 - KAMEANO

Single night and two night passes will be available on Ticketfairy. Please make sure you have your ticket and vaccine pass ready for entry. We cannot permit anyone entry if the pass isn't scannable.  Strictly no door sales to adhere to list requirements for COVID tracking. 

Ultimate best good time specials include:
🍹 $10 red vodka bulls, 2 for $20 jager red bulls, $30 everything and red bull bucket.
🌊 Free DIY shower provided in plastic cup
🍷 $7 Pals with a pal, or $8 pals with an enemy to cover additional stress for bar staff
🥤 A cup, $4.50


  1. Willie D
  2. Lauren S
  3. Jake G
  4. Matthew D
  5. Croi M
  6. Dylan G
  7. Amber W
  8. Fredrika S
  9. Rina O