Incendia by Soyser: Whomadewho (Live Band)

. Lienzo Charro Constituyentes , Ciudad de México [Ages 18+]

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Incendia by Soyser: WHOMADEWHO (LIVE BAND) 

                                                                                                          CLOSING BURN

                                                                                                          STARTS 6:00 PM


Incendia is an Immersive inspiring environment born from the love of fire.


Incendia will be presented by SOYSER from the 19th of November until the 11th of December:

December 11th 2021 lineup: WHOMADEWHO (LIVE BAND) + MORE ARTISTS TBC

  1. Mauricio K
  2. Mariana R
  3. Jesus S
  4. Alejandro V
  5. Juan V
  6. Jorge D
  7. Pablo C
  8. Mariana M
  9. Pamela S
  10. Rodrigo F
  11. Patricio K
  12. David R
  13. Juan Pablo P
  14. Samir A
  15. Fer B
  16. Sebastian B
  17. Brandon Cristopher M
  18. Abraham M
  19. Francisco C
  20. DAVID P