Salmonella Dub 25th Anniversary feat. Tiki Taane - Taupo

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Supported by Ladi6, Trinity Roots, L.A.B, Soulware, Sunshine Sound System + Laughton Kora and Dylan C.
Taupo: 3rd of Feb, Owen Delany Park
Gates & Music: 2.00pm
Ends: 10.30pm

First 1500 people through the gate receive a FREE cd from Salmonella Dub's back catalogue

This is a whole day event; join us for an afternoon in the sun to celebrate Salmonella Dub's 25th anniversary with some of Aotearoa's finest musicians.

‘Salmonella Dub, legends of the NZ music scene are celebrating their 25th anniversary with three very special shows this summer, featuring the return of Tiki Taane.’

These shows mark 25 years for the multiple platinum selling and award winning Salmonella Dub, and will be especially memorable with the featured return of Tiki Taane who worked with the band from 1996 until 2006.

Pioneers of Aotearoa’s Dub n’ Bass scene, Salmonella Dub have always pushed musical boundaries, taking a reggae foundation and fusing it with multiple genres to create a sound entirely their own.

Salmonella Dub’s impressive and very important place in New Zealand music history is undeniable - seven studio albums, three remix albums, a live album with the NZSO, four EP’s, and over 161 songs collectively achieving 10 x platinum across a catalogue that has sold over 600k worldwide, 270 + festival appearances, five Tui awards, and twelve Bnets awards all proving testament to this band's iconic status.

Founding member Andrew Penman says  “We are preparing an iconic, audio-visual, bass heavy, back catalogue mash up with a super-abundantly full treasure chest of guests”.

Tiki Taane says of his welcome return “To be able to help my old band mates celebrate 25 years of Salmonella Dub is a glorious prospect and probably a once in a lifetime occurrence – no one will want to miss this”.

From their very first live appearance in 1993, to the forthcoming 25th anniversary tour, passion, creativity, energy, driving bass beats and pure joy are the signature hallmarks of one of New Zealand’s most successful bands.

Don’t miss out on what promises to be a truly phenomenal live eight-piece band executed dance floor experience.

Set Times:

  • Dylan C - 2.00pm - 2.50pm
  • Sunshine Sound System + Laughton Kora - 2.50pm - 3.20pm
  • Soulware - 3.20pm - 4.20pm
  • L.A.B - 4.20pm - 5:20pm
  • Dylan C - 5.20pm - 5.50pm
  • Trinity Roots - 5.50pm - 6.50pm
  • Sunshine Sound System + Laughton Kora - 6.50pm - 7.20pm
  • Ladi6 - 7.20pm - 8.20pm
  • Sunshine Sound System + Laughton Kora - 8.20pm - 8.50pm
  • Salmonella Dub + Tiki Taane - 8.50pm - 10.30pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

* How do I get there?
Head to Owen Delany Park, Taupo. Best access is from Delany drive off Centennial drive. There will be limited car-parking across the road from the entrance.

* Are there bus or shuttle options?
There is a free return bus service running from i-Site in Tongariro Street to Owen Delany Park from 1.30pm.

* When does it start?
Gates: 2pm. Music stars at 2pm and ends: 10:30pm.
Join us for an afternoon in the sun, to celebrate 25 years of Salmonella Dub supported by Ladi6, Trinity Roots, L.A.B, Soulware, Sunshine Sound System + Laughton Kora and Dylan C.

* What about set times?
They will be announced this week once finalised. Stay tuned.

*Can I show my ticket on my phone?
Yes! We encourage you to reduce waste and only carry your ticket on your phone. There is no need to print it out.

* What about children's tickets?

Kids under 5 are free; and you'll get their free ticket at the gate.
All other free children’s tickets are sold out - but discounted Children’s (under 12yrs old) and Youth (13-17yrs old) tickets are still available.
When you pick your ticket, on the next page you’ll be asked if you want to add child tickets. If you've already got a ticket and want to add a child's ticket, login to your TicketFairy account and go to the Add-On's section to add it.
If you are having issues please email [email protected]

* Are there pass outs?
There are no pass outs for this gig - other than essential ones (such as parents who need to leave the venue).

* What can I bring?

A limited amount of snack food (this means limited commercially packaged, sealed products such as small bags of chips and muesli bars), maximum 2 unopened non alcoholic drinks per person, sunscreen etc. Please be ready to have your bag searched. You may also bring a limited amount of small fold up chairs.

* What can I buy?
We have a bar, merchandise and fantastic range of food vendors, catering for all sorts! 

* How do I pay for things?
Each wristband has a built in AWOP chip. You load money onto your wristband on arrival and then use that to pay for everything on site.

* If I don't use all the credit on my wristband, how do I get that back?
Head to this link for all the info you need to know!

What can I bring?

A limited amount of snack food

A limited amount of sealed non-alcoholic drinks

You may also bring a limited amount of small fold up chairs and blankets.

Sunscreen etc

Please be ready to have your bag searched.

What can't I bring?

· Glass

· Alcohol

· Bare feet

· Opened / unsealed non-alcoholic beverages

· Umbrellas

· Video cameras or professional still cameras

· Tape recorders

· Weapons

· Illicit drugs, energy pills or legal highs (synthetic cannabis)

· Gang colours / insignia

· Fireworks

· Stickers or flyers

· Chilli bins or large backpacks

· Laser pens

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· Airhorns or loudhailers

· Hi Viz clothing

· Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, juggling sticks etc

And any other items that the organiser considers to be dangerous or offensive

Restricted items will be confiscated.

Event Organisers take no responsibility for goods confiscated

Please have your bag ready to be searched.

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