Summer Classic 2024 | Bus Tickets

Ages 18+
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Auckland Return Trip
NZ$ 44.90 (excl. fees)
Warkworth Return Trip
NZ$ 29.90 (excl. fees)
Snells Beach Return Trip
NZ$ 29.90 (excl. fees)
Mangawhai Return Trip
NZ$ 44.90 (excl. fees)
Leigh Return Trip
NZ$ 29.90 (excl. fees)
Omaha Return Trip
NZ$ 29.90 (excl. fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

Bus Tickets for Summer Classic 2023


🚌 $29.90 Return from Omaha Surf Club

👉 Omaha Buses Running from ~4PM-~6PM


🚌 $29.90 Return from Warkworth iSite

👉 Warkworth Buses Running from ~4PM-~6PM


🚌 $29.90 Return from Snells Beach Mahurangi Bowls Club

👉 Snells Buses Running from ~4PM-~6PM


🚌 $29.90 Return from Leigh Primary School

👉 Buses Running from ~4PM-~6PM


🚌 $44.90 Return from Auckland, Victoria Park

(Fanshaw St, Oposite Daldy St)



🚌 $44.90 Return from Mangawhai iSite, next to Mangawhai Golf Course




ALL BUS DEPARTURES FROM VENUE BEGIN ~11PM, please be patient boarding buses back home, buses will be loaded and depart based on demand. We know you've had a long day and want to get home, and we're going to do our best to make sure you get home ASAP!

When your ticket is scanned at your bus stop, you will receive a stamp which will allow you to board the bus. If you miss your bus or have alternative arrangements to get to the festival, you can collect your stamp from the merchandise standonce you make your way to Summer Classic 2024.

No stamp = No bus ride.

We have a ZERO intoxication and aggression policy for bus riders. If you are deemed to be intoxicated by or act aggressive toward any our staff, you will not be permitted to board a bus or enter the festival.

We have a ZERO ALCOHOL policy for bus riders. If you are found to be trying to enter a bus with Alcohol, or are found to have alcohol on a bus, you will be ejected from the bus and refused entry to the festival.

Omaha, Warkworth, Snells, and Leigh buses run on "rotation". This means there will be one or two buses going to and from the venue until everyone waiting at the stop has safely arrived at the venue. We highly encourage you to arrive early and get a bus ASAP, as shortly after the stops are emptied, the stops will be closed.

Auckland & Mangawhai buses will both be departing at 3PM. If you miss this departure time, there will be no further trips.

Please arrive early for your bus.

Please be patient and understanding with our bus staff - they can't wait to get to the festival either!

See you in Matakana 🤙

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  2. Matthew B
  3. Kareena N
  4. Sarah I
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  8. Jess H
  9. Arela J
  10. Hope B
  11. Jenna B
  12. Beth H
  13. Sam A
  14. Todd C
  15. Madi T
  16. Luke S
  17. Jessica S
  18. Gretchen L
  19. Harrison M
  20. Cassidy B