Tierra De Los Muertos Festival

. Oaxaca - Mitla Mexico Festival [Ages 18+]

4 Day Festival Pass
Friends & Family (Limited) Girls
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Friends & Family (Limited) Guys
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Early Bird (Limited) Girls
US$ 249 (excl. Fees)
Early Bird (Limited) Guys
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First Release
US$ 399 (excl. Fees)
General Admission
US$ 499 (excl. Fees)
VIP Area - Behind Dj
US$ 599 (excl. Fees)
Saturday Table
8 Guest Max-2 Bottles (Bronze)
US$ 1,799 (excl. Fees)
10 Guest Max - 3 Bottles (Silver)
US$ 2,499 (excl. Fees)
12 Guests Max - 4 Bottles (Gold)
US$ 3,199 (excl. Fees)
15 Guest Max - 5 Bottles (Platinum)
US$ 3,999 (excl. Fees)
Sunday Table
15 Guest Max - 5 Bottles (Platinum)
US$ 3,999 (excl. Fees)
8 Guests Max - 2 Bottles (Bronze)
US$ 1,799 (excl. Fees)
10 Guest Max - 3 Bottles (Silver)
US$ 2,499 (excl. Fees)
12 Guest Max - 4 Bottles (Gold)
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Early Bird Festival Pass (Friday Only)
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Festival Pass (Friday Only)
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Early Bird Festival Pass (Saturday Only)
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Festival Pass (Saturday Only)
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Locals - Girls Festival Pass (Saturday Only)
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Locals - Guys Festival Pass (Saturday Only)
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VIP Ticket - Behind Dj - (Saturday Only)
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Early Bird Festival Pass (Sunday Only)
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Festival Pass (Sunday Only)
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Locals - Girls Festival Pass (Sunday Only)
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Locals - Guys Festival Pass (Sunday Only)
US$ 75 (excl. Fees)
VIP Ticket - Behind Dj - (Sunday Only)
US$ 199 (excl. Fees)
Early Bird Festival Pass (Monday Only)
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Festival Pass (Monday Only)
US$ 99 (excl. Fees)

We welcome you to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Oaxaca, Mexico for an intimate, immersive, and truly one-of-a-kind celebration.

About this event

SET Underground's


SET Underground invites you to transport your mind, body, and soul to La Tierra de Los Muertos – the Land of the Dead. Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico, for a Dia de Los Muertos celebration unlike any before. This multi-day music & arts festival will introduce you to the best of Oaxaca.

This is an intimate experience limited to 500 guests. So, act quickly.

SPONSORED BY: Yotobi Mezcal

Event Details

DAY 0 (Fri, Oct 29): 🛬 Arrival and Welcome Party

We'd like to welcome you to Oaxaca with a private party Friday on a rooftop in downtown Oaxaca. So, be sure to arrive by early Friday afternoon. Places are booking up quickly. So, if you think you can make it, we recommend you start looking now.

DAY 1 (Sat, Oct 30): 🌵 Palenque Sunset to Sunrise

Take in the beauty of Oaxaca valley. Join us in the town of Mitla, a cultural landmark of Zapotec. We will travel to an open field tucked against the mountains at sunset, with rows and rows of agave. You’ll have a chance to visit the neighboring palenque – a traditional mezcal distillery – to learn about the process behind how mezcal is produced. We will have music, food, and drinks from sunset to sunrise. It’s sure to be a magical night.

DAY 2 (Sun Oct 31): 💀 Halloween in Centro

The party continues on day 2, Halloween, and the eve of Dia de Los Muertos. We are honored to have access to a historic venue, an abandoned hotel in the heart of Oaxaca’s landmark downtown Centro district. Food, drink, and vendors will all be on-site across the many rooms hiding throughout the space. And of course, amazing artists will be performing all night long!


  • ITAI
  • MAGA
  • Øostil
  • Patrice Bäumel
  • Savage & SHē

AND, Monday (Nov 1) is the first day of Dia de Los Muertos. We hope you will stick around to experience this truly special event. We’re organizing an exclusive ~Dia Day 1~ closing party at an intimate venue with a surprise guest that is sure to blow your mind.

Here is an article with some information on what to expect for Dia de Los Muertos in Oxaca: https://travelmexicosolo.com/oaxaca-day-of-the-dead/


VIP Private Tables & Concierge

All our events will host a full bar and serve top-shelf liquor. If you would like to arrange for backstage tables, private shuttles, and concierge services, contact us directly:

  • Christian +1 (415) 305-7169
  • Fernando +52 (155) 4017 8677


Ground Transportation

Shuttles will be available for Saturday's festivities at the agave field and palenque in Mitla. Shuttle access is included with your ticket. We will provide pick-up instructions and exact times and locations to all ticket holders as the event approaches.


Covid Restrictions

Everyone must follow Oaxaca and Mexico guidelines that will be posted here and throughout the properties.

  1. Masks are required as you enter the site and arrive at your table or pod.
  2. Everyone must practice social distancing at all times.
  3. Temperature check administered upon entry.


Cancelation Policy

Tickets & tables sales are NON-REFUNDABLE. All sales are FINAL.

By purchasing a ticket, you are assuming responsibility at your own risk regardless of event cancelation for any reason: divine intervention, natural catastrophe, government intervention, or new covid restrictions. Our event is rain or shine.


Assumption of Risk & Liability Waiver

While attending the event, you may be exposed to the risk of contracting a communicable disease, including but not limited to COVID-19. While we have put preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with COVID-19. By attending and/or participating in the event, you assume all such risks related to any illness (including COVID-19), injury, or harm. You are deemed to be given a full release of any liability to SET UNDERGROUND, the City of Oaxaca, and all associated producers, sponsors, including their directors, officers, employees, and volunteers, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Location Photos

Day 1: Mitla Fields

Day 2: Historic Centro District

Information for Visitors


Direct flights from California, Florida, New York, really most states are hard/impossible to find. All the flight options from the US go primarily through Texas, Mexico City, or Guadalajara before Oaxaca. Oaxaca airport has a number of flights in and out daily, but given it’s the busiest travel week of the year for Oaxaca, it’s recommended you line up flights as early as possible – because prices are rising fast!


Hotels & Accommodations

Housing is stretched thin because of Dia de Los Muertos. But, we recommended booking something now, early, to have something via Expedia, hotels.com, and Bookings.com, Airbnb, and VRBO. At the bottom of this page is a short list of Airbnb options we found.

NOTE: We have confirmed that many hotels are holding rooms for Dia de Los Muertos, but show as having no-availability online. We recommend emailing or calling hotels directly to see if they have availability. With select hotels, we've been able to hold rooms specific for this event. Most are holding for a limited time, so book now.

🏨 LIST OF HOTELS & RESERVED ROOMS: https://bit.ly/3ldfa6k


The City

Oaxaca is a big city with a large footprint. But, as a visitor, the area of interest is confined primarily to Centro.

Centro is a centrally located historic neighborhood. It’s what you typically expect to see of Oaxaca: stone-paved streets, colorful buildings, churches, parades, and all of that. Centro is where everyone visiting wants to stay, drink, and eat – and during the week of Dia de Los Muertos, it’s going to be swamped with visitors. This also means it’s going to grow increasingly difficult to find places to stay.

It’s also worth noting that, even on a chill week, it’s not typical to find large multi-room houses (4+ bedrooms) available for rent. They are out there, but limited. It’s more common to come across houses with 2-3 beds. I know we’re spoiled by 30 room mansions for Blue Magic events, but for Muertos, it’s more realistic if people teamed up in smaller groups and tried to find places near Centro. We’re going to be spending most of our time out in Centro or partying outside the city. So, it’s more about just having a place that works, but not one that’s perfect.

North of Centro is a neighborhood called Reforma. Even further north of Reforma is San Felipe del Agua. Both these neighborhoods are safe and might offer more options for accommodations. However, you’ll need a taxi to get into Centro – walking from here isn’t an option.

We’ve pulled together links of places across Airbnb and VRBO and different sites. Location, size, amenities, vary between links. Hopefully, there are some gems in there. Dates are already in place.










  1. Manuel G
  2. Mauricio P
  3. Mariam L
  4. Nancy B
  5. Mayra C
  6. Elena P
  7. Joanna S
  8. Ignacio I
  9. Rekha P
  10. Valerie K
  11. Beth F
  12. Ruben A
  13. Domingos G
  14. Charles E
  15. Matias L
  16. Camila R
  17. Erin B
  18. Sydney G
  19. Hamza A
  20. Ryan S