Zenith Gathering 2023 - Ancient Maya

Undisclosed Location, Bombira
All Ages
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24-26 November 2023 | MUDGEE, NSW
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Ancient Maya - The Yucatan Peninsula
A haven of marauders, the unscrupulous, and sacrifice. A place where fortunes are made and legacies defined.

In the heart of the jungle, lies a forgotten civilization, the Mayans. Their legends still echo in the whispers of the wind, and their secrets remain shrouded in mystery.

The Zenith Vortex opens again, awakening the music and ethos of a culture that lain dormant for centuries. Myths & legends of the Mayans will become your reality. The spirits of the past awaken and reveal secrets that have been buried for centuries.

Prepare Zenith Explorers, together we step into the world of the Mayans, to wonder the golden city of El Dorado, and pay our tributes through dance. Hop on board, the Eagle departs soon. Join the tribe > www.zenithgathering.com

  1. Juan L
  2. Andre M
  3. Tobias M
  4. Caio B
  5. Victor A
  6. Michele N
  7. Rochele N
  8. Vinicius A
  9. Eduardo M
  10. Julia C
  11. Matthew N
  12. Tony H
  13. Krystal F
  14. Jamie M
  15. Prathiksha M
  16. Daniel T