TF Daily Feed: Archaeologists Uncover 2000 Year Old Mosaic in London

Archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) discovered a Roman mosaic in London. It is thought to be over 2000 years old.

The uncovered mosaic is one of the largest finds in London in more than fifty years. The MOLA crew was excavating a site for the development of The Liberty of Southwark, a cultural center near The Shard (a seventy-two-story glass building in London). The found mosaic is considered to be part of the floor of a Roman banquet. Two beautifully designed panels with vivid flowers and string bands make up the mosaic.

Exploration reveals that the structure is part of a bigger complex. It included vital amenities such as stables, lodging, and dining. Findings show this location outside the boundaries of the Roman Londinium, an establishment that would be frequented by higher-level individuals of that era. Discovered by the crew were also traces of vibrantly painted walls, mosaic floors, coins, jewelry, and ornate bone hairpins.

According to a report in the BBC, a skilled team of conservators will record and examine the mosaics before transporting them off-site for more extensive preservation treatment. Future plans for the mosaics public presentation are currently being developed. In an interview with BBC UK, the site supervisor of MOLA mentioned, “It is very rare to find colored mosaics that have survived so well and have withstood 2000 years, it tells us so much about that was going on in Southwark at that time”.

MOLA is a seasoned and forward-thinking archaeology firm. For almost 40 years, as an Independent Research Organization, it has provided independent, professional heritage advice and services across the world.


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Feature Image Via Ancient Origins.

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