TF Daily Feed: Hungary Elects Katalin Novak as First-Ever Female President

European Nation Hungary marked another milestone occasion in women’s history month by electing its first female president.

Katalin Novak was elected as Hungary’s first female president by the Hungarian parliament. The president-elect will be Hungary’s youngest-ever head of state and will serve a term of five years commencing in May 2022. Novak will succeed current president Janos Ader after being elected by a margin of 137 to 51 votes.

The Hungarian president’s responsibilities are mostly ceremonial, and the president is not a member of any political party. She had been Minister of Family and Youth since 2020 but resigned when she ran for office. Her election triumph has been described as a victory for women. Novák has been a driving force behind a number of government measures, including encouraging families to have more children and providing substantial tax breaks.

In 2001, she began her political career at the Foreign Ministry and rose through the ranks to become the Family Minister and Vice President of the Fidesz party. She was listed atop on Forbes Hungary’s annual list of the 50 most influential women in 2020. And In 2019, Novak was also awarded the Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour for her efforts to improve relations between Paris and Budapest.

“It is because I am a woman, and not despite of it, that I want to be a good president of Hungary,” Novak said in a speech before the vote.


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