Clubber Banned From fabric London for Mocking a Guest on Social Media

Last week on Twitter, London’s beloved fabric nightclub banned an attendee for life for recording and humiliating another guest at the venue on social media.

Unfortunately, the incident took place in one of the world’s most prestigious clubs, London’s fabric, which has held rank as the world’s number one club in DJ’s Magazine’s ‘Top 100 clubs poll’ in 2007 and 2008, and has been known for it’s impressive drum & bass line-ups since its opening in 1999.

fabric was founded on the principles of self-expression and the freedom to dance without being judged. Last week, a Twitter user, ‘Doddsyy97,’ posted a twenty-second-long video of a guest dancing, and proceeded to mock this person on Twitter

The caption read: “Yo I’ll never go to fabric again after seeing this.”

The video gathered attention across the social media platform, as well as from fabric itself, gaining 240,800 views since it was tweeted. 

Following the pandemic, fabric reopened with a strict no-photography policy. The nightclub replied to the tweet, stating, “Great, given this tweet, we’d prefer it if you didn’t come,” continuing, “Our club was built on the values of free expression and freedom to dance and not be judged. We also have a No Photo Policy to protect our dancers’ privacy. Please do the right thing and remove this video.”

After the account ‘Doddsyy97’ ignored the request from the club to remove the video, fabric announced the user’s lifetime ban.

Following this incident, fabric, as well as the artists who perform at the venue, have become involved in making the club a more judgment-free and safer environment. If you’re nearby, you will see posters reading: “We do not tolerate: Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Xenophobia, Body Shaming. In other Words: don’t be an asshole.” 

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Featured image via: fabric London Facebook

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