Hautewulf Crafts Anime-Inspired New Single, Punk 2.0

It wasn’t too long ago that we got to speak with music producer Hautewulf as the artist dropped his single ‘Arcadestep‘ earlier this year. As assured back then, the India-based producer has returned with his second release of 2023, ‘Punk 2.0.’

Hautewulf labels ‘Punk 2.0’ as his “biggest project till date,” and the five-and-a-half-minute track showcases the artist’s prowess on deck. Tussling between somber keys, pulsing bass lines, and melodic techno rhythms, the music transitions into upbeat dubstep grooves before caving to dance-heavy momentum. Punk 2.0’s release is coupled with an animated music video, calling back the producer’s passion for anime and video games.


Narrating adventures and etching his own Hautewulf universe, the producer has been adding teaser images of the characters on social media since 2020. The half-human and supreme commander Dr. Bruce, the last priest of the Zeus temple – Barak, and the evil Greek ghost Hecate all make appearances in the music video for ‘Punk 2.0.’ A more elaborate character study can be found here.

About his latest release, Hautewulf remarks, “I think this is the biggest release till this date and only God knows how I feel finishing this piece of art. It literally took away my mental peace and I was craving for this day to come.”

Listen to ‘Punk 2.0’ by Hautewulf –

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